Using xBondly to Access the Bondly Launchpad — FAQ

The Bondly Launchpad is evolving and as we approach the release of our dedicated Launchpad application, which is integrated into the Bondly Native Staking platform, we know there will be questions surrounding the new mechanic for our launchpad tiers.

What’s Changing?

The xBONDLY token will now be the required token to gain admission into the Bondly Launchpad, and not $BONDLY.

Due to the inflationary price nature of xBONDLY, the cost of the tiers in $BONDLY will gradually increase over time in real terms. This means the sooner you stake and lock in your tier, the less $BONDLY will be required.

*BCCG NFT requirement is subject to variation, you can review qualifying BCCG Cards here:

Why the Move to xBONDLY?

We want our Bondly Launchpad participants to enjoy the benefits of earning an APR% return on their $BONDLY tokens whilst also participating in exclusive sales and new project launches, and xBONDLY allows us to enable this.

What is the Purpose of xBONDLY?

The xBONDLY token is what you receive in return for staking $BONDLY in our Bondly staking pool. xBONDLY is an ERC-20, proof-of-stake token that is then transferable by the user, eventually allowing them to stake in our Bondly Launchpad platform to obtain different tier levels.

What Rewards do xBONDLY Unlock?

The value of xBONDLY will always increase relative to the value of $BONDLY tokens, meaning that the longer you hold your xBONDLY the greater the amount of $BONDLY you will receive when you unstake from the staking platform. The APR% rate for this is displayed on the application, so you can see in real time what you’ll be earning on your tokens.

However the rewards don’t end there, as participants can use their xBONDLY to obtain different tier levels for IDO launches, promotional sales, and other rewards based on the amount of xBONDLY they have staked (note: other conditions may also apply such as ownership of BCCG NFTs).

How much xBONDLY do I receive when staking $BONDLY

The amount of xBONDLY you receive for staking your $BONDLY varies by the total amount of $BONDLY staked on our platform by all users. As more members enter our Bondly Staking Pool, the ratio of xBONDLY to $BONDLY will increase. One xBONDLY token will always equal more than one $BONDLY token.

How do I Earn xBONDLY?

  1. To take part in our native pool, just visit and click “Connect your wallet”.
  2. You will then see our “$BONDLY Staking Pool” with a field to input how much $BONDLY you would like to stake.
  3. Enter the amount of $BONDLY being staked here and click “Stake”.
  4. Approve the contract within your wallet and then confirm the amount of $BONDLY you will be staking. If successful, you should receive a “Congratulations” message.
  5. You are now successfully staked in our native $BONDLY pool!
  6. To unstake, simply connect your wallet again, enter the amount of xBONDLY you would like to burn to unstake your $BONDLY and click “Unstake”. Your xBONDLY will then be returned and you will receive the original amount of $BONDLY you deposited in addition to any rewards earned, which will also be in the form of $BONDLY.

Can I Buy xBONDLY?

When you do decide to unstake your $BONDLY, your xBONDLY is returned while the original amount of $BONDLY you staked is returned to you, plus any rewards accrued in the form of $BONDLY. Over time, this increases the value of xBONDLY when compared to $BONDLY.


  • The $BONDLY : xBONDLY ratio increases over time as rewards are provided to the pool.

Rewards are distributed per block, which are minted every 13 seconds on average. Those rewards are allocated based on the amount of $BONDLY tokens a user has staked in the pool proportional to the users share of the total amount staked in the pool.

About Bondly

Bondly is an interoperable, transparent, and portable swap protocol designed to revolutionize traditional escrow methods and make everyone into their own digital marketplace. Our family of trust-enabling DeFi products is designed to be a part of everyday buying and selling activities, giving peace of mind for swap or online purchases. Our product BondProtect is a DeFi enabled eCommerce gateway specializing in integrating into your favorite online marketplaces very simply and easily with no integration fees, just staking tokens.

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