Tory Lanez Debuts Unreleased Music via NFTs, Powered by Bondly

Who is Tory Lanez?

What NFTs is Tory Lanez Selling?

When Will the Sale Go Down?

What Utility Do These NFTs Hold?

  1. If you hold all 3 NFTs in your wallet, you’ll get:
  • An Airdrop of 1 Extra Unreleased Tory Lanez Song
  • To Join a private Meet and Greet w/ Tory Lanez on Twitch
  • A Signed Tory Lanez Merch
  • An airdrop of the Limited Edition Tory Lanez PolkaPet NFT
  • An airdrop of 500 Bondly Tokens
  • Early Access to Tory Lanez Future NFT Sale


How Can I Purchase Tory Lanez NFTs?

What’s the Future for Bondly?

About Bondly



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