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8 min readOct 27, 2020

EDIT: Check out the Bondly Collectible Card Game Store Here!

We believe our project Bondly (Bondly.Finance) is leading the next generation of payment options by bridging the gap between decentralized escrow payments and traditional marketplaces. A keystone to our strategy and market relevance is the evolution of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT).

NFTs have the potential to revolutionize the way we manage everything we own. CEO of Bondly, Brandon Smith, stated that: “One day your car, your watch, your house, and even your Youtube account will be NFT’ed.”

There is currently a gap between the full capabilities of NFTs and where the technology currently stands. The R&D team at Bondly is presently seeking to find ways to close the gap of how it’s being used today and how it will be used in the future.

Bondly’s first step to accomplish this initiative is launching a collectible card game.

Introducing the Bondly Collectible Card Game (BCCG)

BCCG is a fully digital, NFT based, collectible card game that adds immense utility, educates about our product family, and incentivizes gamers to participate in our ecosystem.

The industry has seen other platforms utilize NFTs for in-game assets, such as Gods Unchained™. BCCG will take this to a new level by enabling an entire new ecosystem based upon the current and future capabilities of NFTs.

Each card in the universe will be based on one of the Bondly Family Products. Each card will describe the purposes and features of that Bondly product while the art will personify those features.

The first set is planned below (first ones in bold):

  1. Isekai
  2. Gothic Horror
  3. Thriller
  4. Magical Girl
  5. Comic Superhero
  6. :::REDACTED:::

Many Entrants, One Victor

The game has a set amount of players fit into 1v1 ladder brackets with the final result being a single contestant, similar to Battle Royale™ or Last Man Standing™.

The BCCG gameplay framework is simple:

  • Each card operates as a pass to enter a tournament ladder system of 6 to 24 participants.
  • The type of card you use to enter must be unique compared to other contestants within that tournament
  • There are two types of tournaments:
    1) free
    2) premium — requiring Bondly tokens to participate
    (the tournament rewards differ by type of tournament, of course).
  • This is very similar to ’challenges’ within G-Loot where the outcomes for each game determine the winner.
  • There are no inherent benefits that one card will provide over another for the tournament, but there will be specific tournaments that will require that you hold a card of a specific set in order to enter (eg “Thriller Tournament”)

Ultimately the rewards for bracket winners will vary and will include (but not be limited to) $BONDLY Tokens, partner tokens, Special Edition (Not Available for Purchase) NFT cards, specialty NFT from our partners network , and much much more…

We will use core Bondly BProtect smart contracts to power the decision logic and NFT staking, but the key component is actually plugging in the ‘game’. We will use community feedback as a way to guide which games get incorporated into the platform in the future.

We hope that soon after release we can allow other major gaming platforms to use us in their tournaments as a method to distribute rewards.

The Heart of the Cards

Since this concept is very new for everyone both in and out of crypto, we had to start with a very simple question:

“How can we make you love every one of our cards more than a 1st Edition Charizard™?”

The solution: Turn every card sold into a Fan Club membership, VIP service, and collectors group at the same time. Instead of offering NFT’s with debatable value, the BCCG First Edition Series will be programmed to benefit users and holders through airdrops, community rewards, and more.

Here are the core features of the cards:

  1. No fees on BSwap — By holding one of our NFT cards in your wallet, you will never pay Bondly transactions fees for any swap you do. Meaning if you decide to swap any asset — whether cryptos, tokens, or our cards using Bondly — it will be free for you to use.
  2. BCCG Elite — A group that features discussions around game strategy, incorporation of other games into the ecosystem, NFTs, and the greatest memes in existence.
  3. Entry into Fan Art Contest — By holding this token you are able to submit fan art for our core characters launches. The winner of these contests will receive special rewards and may even be featured on a subsequent card!
  4. Special Staking — By staking our NFT, you will be eligible to receive a random drop of the super rare Gold Holo Edition. This card will never be directly sold by us, making it extra rare. It will be yours sell or add to your collection of NFTs.
  5. Ten Premium Tournament entries — To make it a bit easier to get into the Bondly Hall of Champions, we will airdrop you 10k Bondly tokens, enough for 10 paid tournaments.
  6. AMAZING Art — All of the cards feature commissioned art from incredible artists that have worked on concept art for major animation studios, huge comics/manga projects, and more!

These first edition cards will tell us who our biggest fans are and will always give the HODLER preferential treatment for taking a chance with us from the very beginning.

When Will This Go Live?

You will be able to purchase our 1st Edition round of NFT’s on Monday, November 2nd at UTC-4 (10 AM EST).

No Need to Catch Them All

So after doing market testing we have decided to offer a set price of 0.5 ETH for every card across all 15 unique card types. All cards will have the same price across all sets. Here are the stats:

  • 15 unique cards; 5 in each set
  • 0.5 ETH per card, 2.5 ETH per set
  • A total of 750 cards (including duplicates of each type)

We understand that this cost may restrict some people from joining. Please wait for the announcement regarding the next edition to join us.

Because this is a new concept, we are not expecting the cards to sell out. So we will use the sales data on each set as a basis for making additional cards, some of which will involve 3D art, theme music, and even more.

For every card sold, we will be donating to the ‘Bondly Artists Grant.’ The Bondly Artists Grant is an ecosystem fund designed specifically to fund and help artists get the tools they need to grow within the NFT space. We believe it’s important to reward and compensate artists for their work on the Internet. This is a way for us to launch a fun game while also contributing back to the emerging art community.

Your All-Access Pass to the Tournament Grounds

As our way of thanking you for buying the first edition card, you will receive a free airdrop of $BONDLY tokens, which can be used to cover a total of ten premium tournament entries.

The timeline of the airdrop token distribution is as follows:

  • On the Token Generation Event (TGE) of the $BONDLY token, the wallet holding the card will receive 5k $BONDLY (enough for 5 premium tournaments)
  • After 30 days, a snapshot will be taken and whoever is holding the card will receive another 2.5k $BONDLY tokens.
  • After an additional 30 days (60 days since TGE), a snapshot will be taken and the holder will receive the final 2.5k $BONDLY tokens.

This way, the person holding the card at the time of the snapshot becomes the airdrop recipient, even though they might not be the original purchaser. If you decide you don’t like the game, we want you to be able to easily sell your card to another party which will then receive the airdrop granting them free premium tournament entry.

We would ask you not to buy multiple copies of the same card. The Ten Premium Tournament entries airdrop of 10k $BONDLY tokens only applies to every unique card you hold. In other words, if you were to buy 2 ‘Thriller BSwap’ cards, you’d only get airdropped 10k $BONDLY tokens representing the first one.

We will also be working directly with OpenSea on this sale to prevent hoarding and reserve the right to blacklist as needed.

Changes to Our Community Rounds

Based on the introduction of BCCG and the feedback from our advisors we have decided to take the following set of actions. Ultimately, there will be a burn of approximately 16.379m $BONDLY tokens in circulation resulting in a slight reduction in initial circulating supply. Please bear with us as we make these updates to our metrics.

  1. We have reduced token allocations from various rounds (as listed in the Bondpaper) and are using a portion as rewards for the BCCG. The remainder that is unused will be burnt following the mint.
  2. We will be reducing the total initial circulating supply by <1%
  3. We will be reducing our total raise by 79k USDT
  4. We will still plan on doing an IDO for our final round. More details will be provided soon.

This week we will issue the Bondly Transparency Report which will provide an updated token schedule based on these changes. Stay tuned!

Join our Telegram to ask any questions: https://t.me/bondlyfinance

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BondlyFinance

Thank you and happy gaming!

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