The Bondly “Diamond Hands” Bonus

In celebration of the launch of our new $BONDLY token we have an exclusive “Diamond Hands” promotion for those who claim their new tokens before September 10th, 11AM UTC.

To get the Bondly Diamond Hands bonus simply HODL all of your new $BONDLY tokens until at least October 27, 2021💎🙌 (rules apply; see below)

Using on-chain analysis, we will see if token holders have consistently held in their wallets OR in one of the official Bondly ‘Standard’ staking pools (i.e. excluding LP token pools) at least the amount of new $BONDLY tokens received from the official Bondly claims website.

After October 27th, we will announce all successful wallet addresses who have met the criteria.

The redemption of the bonus will be via airdrop directly to qualifying wallets using either the Polygon (MATIC) network for Ethereum/Polygon $BONDLY holders, or the BSC network for BSC $BONDLY holders. This means Ethereum wallets will need to collect their $BONDLY via the Polygon network, instructions on how to do this will be sent out nearer the time.


  • $BONDLY token holders must claim their new tokens by September 10, 2021 at 11am UTC to be eligible for the bonus.


5,000 $BONDLY are claimed and held in a wallet or staked in an official Bondly Standard staking pool (stake $BONDLY — get $BONDLY).

The token holder then makes a purchase of 2,000 $BONDLY, making the total owned 7,000 $BONDLY

If 1,500 $BONDLY are later sold, this will not impact the Diamond Hands Bonus eligibility because the amount of tokens held has not fallen below 5,000 $BONDLY.

If the token holder sells an additional 1,000 $BONDLY, their total would be 4,500 $BONDLY taking them below the original claimed amount of 5,000 tokens. They would then be no longer eligible for the bonus.

Not Included in the Bonus Program:

  • The following Bondly staking pools are not included in the promotion:
    UNI V2 | ETH/BONDLY Liquidity Pool



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