Spring debuts NFT Creation Tool Mint-on-Demand™ for their 8.5 Million Creators with Bondly

Spring is poised to become the largest NFT creation platform helping content creators and their communities connect and engage with NFT’s in a Web 3.0 world through their proprietary platform designed by Bondly.

San Francisco, February 2022: NFT platform Bondly is set to help fully-decentralise NFTs for all creators and their communities on Spring, the leading creator commerce platform with over 8.5 million creators, through their proprietary product, Mint-on-Demand™. The move is the latest in a directional company shift to carry the creator economy into Web 3.0.

Creating an NFT has, to date, been inherently fragmented and complex. With Mint-on-Demand™, the process of creating an NFT is made incredibly simple, with no upfront costs, no requirement for a crypto wallet, no unnecessary minting or gas fees. By removing the traditional barriers to entry, Bondly and Spring are making the power of NFTs easily accessible to all creators (and their fans) via the platform.

For the launch of Mint-on-Demand™, Spring has evolved its partnership with blockchain powerhouse, Bondly. Creators can now concurrently leverage Spring’s industry-defining design and creation tools using Bondly’s ability to mint and own the eco-friendly Polygon blockchain.

CEO of Spring, Chris Lamontagne says “Bondly is an incredibly important partner for us in this next phase of digital evolution. This partnership goes beyond the powerful and complementary nature of their services, but is built on a foundation of shared values regarding environmental impact and sustainability. With Mint-on-Demand™ we are only ever minting NFTs which have already been purchased which reduces waste. This is the social commerce revolution.

“Our partnership with Spring marks another huge milestone in our mission to build the fundamental NFT infrastructure to power Web3 adoption” Says Harry Liu, CEO of Bondly. “Through Mint-on-Demand™ creators and fans can forge some truly unique experiences, and this is just the start for this innovative and transformative technology.”

With Mint-on-Demand™, Spring is looking beyond only the high-profile creators. The objective of the new program is to provide a vehicle for creators of all sizes to build and strengthen their growing communities through the direct interaction potential of the new digital collectible space, such as Moriah Elizabeth, The Dungeon Coach and Caroline Manning.

Spring’s Creative Director, Jared Fowler says: “From a fan value perspective, we see tens of thousands of fans everyday supporting creators by purchasing physical products and flexing their new wares on social media. We feel this perfectly translates to digital collectibles, and the digital flex will become more of a thing in the near future. Collectability is also a key component here — early adopters and super fans of a creator can show their support by collecting NFTs.”

With more than $2 billion spent on NFTs during the first quarter of 2021 — representing a YoY increase of about 2,100% from Q4 2020*. The opportunity for creators to unlock digital engagement through NFTs is huge. Since 2018, Spring has built real success in powering the ways creators create physical merchandise and sell through unique, industry-first commerce integrations with YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Tiktok & LinkTree — NFT’S & Digital products is the next natural extension, with the foundations already laid for creators to seamlessly connect with fans globally with just the click of a button.

For the creator economy, NFTs are the next step in the macro trend of content and commerce merging over the last decade. Now, without the restrictions of borders or the need for an existing marketplace, the possibilities for creator commerce are endless.

*Data according to NonFungible.com

Bondly is at the forefront of developing new technologies to make blockchain utilization for NFTs and crypto currencies safer, more efficient and truly decentralized. One of the few end-to-end NFT platforms in the market, Bondly executes every step of the process to bring authenticated digital-first goods to the market in music, entertainment, gaming and collectibles with a suite of products and services designed to support the entire blockchain ecosystem. Animoca Brands acquired a majority stake in Bondly with plans to integrate Bondly’s blockchain technology, launchpad and NFT bridge into its metaverse game products.

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SPRING (formerly Teespring) is the leading creator commerce platform which empowers creators with an end-to-end solution to design, promote and sell customized on-demand products without cost, risk or hassle. SPRING has integrations with YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, Discord and Streamlabs, which has resulted in SPRING becoming the go-to platform for over 8.5M creators to monetize their content creation and create and sell authentic products to their fans.

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