Review: November 8–19th

Bondly Launchpad Sells out Limited, Special Edition GovWorld NFT

On November 19, 2021, the Bondly Launchpad debuted the limited, special edition GovWorld NFT for their $GOV IDO.

The limited, special edition GovWorld NFTs sold out in spectacular fashion, offering buyers a chance to get $GOV airdrops over the next seven months.

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Using $xBONDLY to Access the Bondly Launchpad

The Bondly Launchpad is evolving, and as we approach the release of our dedicated Launchpad application, which is integrated into the Bondly Native Staking platform, we know there will be questions surrounding the new mechanic for our launchpad tiers.

Read our FAQ here:

Bondly Debuts Partner Staking with $PETS From PolkaPet World

Bondly announced the addition of Partner Staking Pools to the platform, allowing users to stake their $BONDLY to receive partner tokens, and $PETS from PolkaPets will be the first partner token available!

Stake $BONDLY to earn $PETS here:

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Bondly Airdrops ‘Combo Card’ to Phoenix and Staff Holders

On Thursday November 11, Bondly airdropped holders of the Phoenix and Staff BCCG NFT, the exclusive ‘Combo Card’. Holding Phoenix, Staff and Combo Card BCCG NFTs during future snapshots entitle you to additional airdrops (full details pictured above).

Follow along here:

PolkaPet World Rewards ‘OG Holders’ with $PETS Airdrop

On Thursday November 11, PolkaPet World announced an airdrop to all “OG” ‘First Edition’ PolkaPet NFT holders since August 30th. Follow along in the official PolkaPet World channels for more updates!
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About Bondly

Bondly is at the forefront of bringing authenticated, digital-first goods to the market in music, entertainment, gaming and collectibles with a suite of products and services designed to support the entire blockchain ecosystem.

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