Netvrk Phase 2 Virtual Land Sale

Are you ready to stake your flag and become a virtual landlord? Bondly will be participating in Phase 2 of Netvrk’s Virtual Land Sale! We have 560 plots of land for sale, as well as many more bonus items to use within the Netvrk metaverse.

Netvrk’s innovative metaverse ecosystem means that, in addition to being able to build and landscape your plot of land in virtual reality, your plot also grants you other utilities including governance rights and the ability to commercialize your plot. What’s more, land owners will be rewarded a share of ALL revenue generated from the Netvrk Marketplace. This forms part of Netvrk’s “play to earn” initiative, which provides land owners with an interactive role in the ecosystem.

Priority access to our sale will be given to our Kate and Lomilec BCCG cardholders (conditions apply), and remaining plots are then up for grabs to our Bondly Launchpad tier participants! Anything not sold through the tiers will then be made available for public sale.

Summary of the Netvrk Virtual Land Sale with Bondly

Date: Monday Sep 20, 2021

Time: From 12pm noon EDT, with staggered tier entry depending on eligibility (full details below).


Payment: Payment is in $NTVRK tokens ONLY, equivalent to the dollar value of each item set at 7am EDT on Sep 20, 2021.

Format: As per all Netvrk land sales to date, buyers will be able to claim and mint their items on from Oct 1, 2021. Please follow Netvrk’s community channels for details. NFT’s will not be sent directly to buyer wallets.

Land for sale: 300 x Standard, 200 x Medium, 50 x Large, 5 x Giant, and 5 x Epic Lands are available (public pricing applies, see below graphic for details).

Other items for sale: 200 x Mega Bonus Pack, 50 x Adam Avatar, 50 x Eve Avatar, 50 x Quanto Avatar

Purchase Limit: Up to 1 of each item per person

Virtual Land Sale tier criteria*:

  • Tier 1A (VIP):
    Owners of both Kate AND Lomilec BCCG cards + 50k $BONDLY
  • Tier 1B (VIP):
    Owners of EITHER a Kate OR a Lomilec BCCG card + 50k $BONDLY
    Owners of a
    Farzin BCCG card + 50k $BONDLY
  • Platinum:
    Owners of ANY 4 approved BCCG cards + 350k $BONDLY
  • Gold:
    Owners of ANY 3 approved BCCG cards + 200k $BONDLY
  • Silver:
    Owners of ANY 2 approved BCCG cards + 100k $BONDLY
  • Bronze:
    Owners of ANY approved BCCG card + 50k $BONDLY
  • Public:
    Any wallet with 10k $BONDLY (Ethereum Network)

*Listed BCCG cards and $BONDLY tokens must be held together in the same wallet at the point of the snapshot for the sale, which will take place on Saturday Sep 18, 2021 at 12pm EDT.

Netvrk Phase 2 Land Sale Summary. Available land will be set at Public Price, payable in $NTVRK tokens.
Virtual Land Map
Virtual Land Map: Isometric View

Who are Netvrk?

Netvrk are a unique VR metaverse and marketplace in which users can create their own worlds, cities, and items in multiple universes. They can also hold ownership, conduct trading, earn rewards, use a range of payment methods, and experience many other opportunities

Users can buy, sell, and trade land, which is held in the form of NFTs. Transactions of these NFTs can be performed in-game or by using a third-party site such as In addition to being able to rent, lease, or sell land, landowners can use an in-game toolset to modify their purchased terrain and build structures.

What is Virtual Land?

Virtual Land is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT) ERC-721, with each parcel being unique and representing a specific parcel on the Netvrk Map. As a decentralized asset, virtual land can be bought, held, or sold at any time by the user, without any outside interference by a third party.

Virtual Land in Netvrk offers users the opportunity to own a digital asset, free of interference. Virtual Land will be a limited, scarce asset that can be traded on the Netvrk Marketplace, as well as on third party marketplaces such as

As the Netvrk metaverse develops, virtual land plots will serve as bases for users, where they can create, build, and deploy everything from storefronts for eCommerce, to self-made games, as well as interactive and educational experiences. In addition, users can use these spaces to host a social event, a company meeting, or an interactive demonstration.

Participating in the Netvrk Virtual Land Sale

For our Netvrk Virtual Land Sale we have ensured that holders of the Netvrk BCCG cards ‘Kate’ and Lomilec’, sold through the Bondly Launchpad in May 2021, will receive an extra-special surprise utility… up to 60 mins head start over everyone else!

If you are lucky enough to own both a Kate and a Lomilec card then you will have 15 minutes extra time before anybody else to purchase your land. Owners of 1 of either card, as well as our illustrious Farzin cardholders, will then have the next level of access. The tiers will then follow our Bondly Launchpad hierarchy, starting with Platinum and following down the order of Gold, Silver, Bronze, and finally Public sale. Make sure you’ve bought the required amount of $BONDLY tokens!

Rules of Sale

  • The sale will be conducted in $NTVRK tokens, with exact token requirements set at 7am EDT on the day of the sale. Participants will therefore need to both hold $BONDLY in their wallets and obtain the required amount of $NTVRK to purchase land.
  • The sale will take place at
  • Items purchased during the sale will need to be claimed and minted on from October 01, 2021. Buyers will not receive their NFT in their wallets following the sale.
  • Snapshot for the Bondly virtual sale whitelist will take place on Saturday September 18, 2021 and will be published on community channels at least 24 hours prior to the sale. All BCCG cardholders MUST have their BCCG cards and the required amount of $BONDLY in their wallets at this time to be eligible.
  • $BONDLY tokens required for the sale can be held across multiple networks (as long as they’re all in the same wallet) EXCEPT for public sale participants who will need 10,000 $BONDLY on the Ethereum network to participate. This is because the public sale will be a ‘live’ verification of wallet amounts, as opposed to the other tiers which are whitelisted prior to the sale through the snapshot taken on September 18, 2021. We are currently unable to verify multi-chain holdings in real time.

Tier Breakdown and Entry Times

VIP Tier 1:
Owners of BOTH of the Lomilec AND Kate BCCG cards + 50,000 $BONDLY

Sale access: 12pm EDT Monday September 20

If you hold BOTH the Lomilec and Kate BCCG NFTs, as well as have a balance of at least 50,000 $BONDLY in the same wallet, you will be granted the very first priority access to the Netvrk land sale, but only for 15 minutes so you’d better be fast…

VIP Tier 2:
Owners of the Lomilec OR Kate BCCG cards + 50,000 $BONDLY
Owners of a Farzin card + 50,000 $BONDLY

Sale access: 12.15pm EDT Monday September 20

If you hold EITHER the Lomilec OR Kate BCCG card, as well as 50,000 $BONDLY in the same wallet, you will have second priority access to the Netvrk land sale. Farzin holders will also be able to participate in this round if 50,000 $BONDLY are held in the same wallet.

Platinum Tier:
Holders of any 4 approved BCCG cards + 350,000 $BONDLY

Sale access: 1pm EDT Monday September 20

Gold Tier: Holders of any 3 approved BCCG cards + 200,000 $BONDLY

Sale access: 1.30pm EDT Monday September 20

Silver Tier: Holders of any 2 approved BCCG cards + 100,000 $BONDLY

Sale access: 2pm EDT Monday September 20

Bronze Tier: Holders of any 1 approved BCCG card + 50,000 $BONDLY

Sale access: 2.30pm EDT Monday September 20

Public Sale: Any holder with over 10,000 $BONDLY (on Ethereum Network)

Sale access: 3pm EDT Monday September 20

Items for sale

All items listed below, once purchased, will be available to claim and mint on on October 01 2021.

The Bondly Virtual Land Sale will NOT be providing buyers with the NFTs, instead they will be whitelisted to claim their purchase directly from

Standard Land: $725 (Paid in $NTVRK)

Medium Land: $1925 (Paid in $NTVRK)

Large Land: $3850 (Paid in $NTVRK)

Giant Land: $7700 (Paid in $NTVRK)

Epic Land: $23100 (Paid in $NTVRK)

Mega Bonus Pack: 1000 $NTVRK tokens

‘Quanto’ Avatar: 1000 $NTVRK tokens

‘Adam’ Avatar: 1000 $NTVRK tokens

‘Eve’ Avatar: 1000 $NTVRK tokens

About Netvrk

Netvrk is a social virtual world and platform, with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetize creations. With a focus on gaming, education and virtual workplaces, built around ownership of virtual land and assets.

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About Bondly

Bondly is an interoperable, transparent, and portable swap protocol designed to revolutionize traditional escrow methods and make everyone into their own digital marketplace. Our family of trust-enabling DeFi products is designed to be a part of everyday buying and selling activities, giving peace of mind for swap or online purchases. Our product BondProtect is a DeFi enabled eCommerce gateway specializing in integrating into your favorite online marketplaces very simply and easily with no integration fees, just staking tokens.

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