Netvrk Phase 2 Virtual Land Sale

Summary of the Netvrk Virtual Land Sale with Bondly

  • Tier 1A (VIP):
    Owners of both Kate AND Lomilec BCCG cards + 50k $BONDLY
  • Tier 1B (VIP):
    Owners of EITHER a Kate OR a Lomilec BCCG card + 50k $BONDLY
    Owners of a
    Farzin BCCG card + 50k $BONDLY
  • Platinum:
    Owners of ANY 4 approved BCCG cards + 350k $BONDLY
  • Gold:
    Owners of ANY 3 approved BCCG cards + 200k $BONDLY
  • Silver:
    Owners of ANY 2 approved BCCG cards + 100k $BONDLY
  • Bronze:
    Owners of ANY approved BCCG card + 50k $BONDLY
  • Public:
    Any wallet with 10k $BONDLY (Ethereum Network)
Netvrk Phase 2 Land Sale Summary. Available land will be set at Public Price, payable in $NTVRK tokens.
Virtual Land Map
Virtual Land Map: Isometric View

Who are Netvrk?

What is Virtual Land?

Participating in the Netvrk Virtual Land Sale

Rules of Sale

  • The sale will be conducted in $NTVRK tokens, with exact token requirements set at 7am EDT on the day of the sale. Participants will therefore need to both hold $BONDLY in their wallets and obtain the required amount of $NTVRK to purchase land.
  • The sale will take place at
  • Items purchased during the sale will need to be claimed and minted on from October 01, 2021. Buyers will not receive their NFT in their wallets following the sale.
  • Snapshot for the Bondly virtual sale whitelist will take place on Saturday September 18, 2021 and will be published on community channels at least 24 hours prior to the sale. All BCCG cardholders MUST have their BCCG cards and the required amount of $BONDLY in their wallets at this time to be eligible.
  • $BONDLY tokens required for the sale can be held across multiple networks (as long as they’re all in the same wallet) EXCEPT for public sale participants who will need 10,000 $BONDLY on the Ethereum network to participate. This is because the public sale will be a ‘live’ verification of wallet amounts, as opposed to the other tiers which are whitelisted prior to the sale through the snapshot taken on September 18, 2021. We are currently unable to verify multi-chain holdings in real time.

Tier Breakdown and Entry Times

Items for sale



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