Navigating the Web3 Odyssey: Animoca Brands’ Triumphs in 2022

Forj listed as a key contributor to Animoca’s financial success

3 min readSep 13

In the realm of Web3, where innovation and transformation rule, Animoca Brands embarked, our parent company, on an epic journey in 2022. Here are some of their remarkable achievements during this pivotal year — a journey filled with financial milestones, strategic acquisitions, and pioneering steps into the world of Web3 services. Forj was highlighted as a key contributor to Animoca’s financial success. Let’s dive in.

Financial Triumphs

As the digital sun rose on 2022, Animoca Brands set sail with a financial wind at its back. The company reported a staggering A$594 million (approximately US$402 million) in bookings for the year, a testament to their multifaceted approach. These bookings encompassed token sales, NFT sales, and various other non-blockchain activities, demonstrating their adaptability in the Web3 landscape.

But Animoca Brands didn’t stop at bookings. Their treasure chest included cash and stablecoin balances of A$286 million (approximately US$191 million) and liquid digital assets worth A$690 million (approximately US$469 million), notably anchored by the coveted SAND utility token from The Sandbox platform.

Hidden from view were off-balance sheet token reserves, amounting to a remarkable A$2.4 billion (approximately US$1.6 billion), including tokens like PROS, BONDLY, ASTRAFER, QUIDD, PRIMATE, REVV, TOWER, GMEE, and more. These reserves underscored Animoca Brands’ strategic investments in the Web3 ecosystem.

Building a Diverse Ecosystem

In the vast landscape of Web3, Animoca Brands fortified its ecosystem through a series of strategic acquisitions in 2022. These included:

  1. Grease Monkey Games: A Melbourne-based developer known for high-quality motorsports games.
  2. Life Beyond Studios (formerly Darewise): A game developer founded by veterans of the AAA games industry.
  3. Notre Game: A game development and publishing company renowned for Scratch Wars.
  4. TinyTap: Leaders in user-generated educational games within the edtech sector.
  5. Be. (formerly Be Media): An Australian digital marketing agency focused on blockchain development.
  6. PIXELYNX: A music metaverse gaming platform founded by renowned musicians and technologists, deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) and Richie Hawtin (Plastikman), along with other music and gaming industry veterans.
  7. Monkey Around: An Sandbox experience created by Metaprints and Forj using BAYC IPs.

These strategic moves broadened Animoca Brands’ influence and strengthened its foothold in the Web3 ecosystem.

A Gateway to Web3 Services

However, Animoca Brands’ journey was not solely about acquisitions and wealth accumulation. In 2022, they ventured into uncharted territory by launching a Web3 services business. Drawing from their extensive experience since 2018, Animoca Brands aimed to guide both Web2 and Web3 companies in integrating tokens and NFTs into their business models.

Their expertise bore fruit, contributing approximately US$120 million in total bookings in 2022. This strategic move positioned Animoca Brands as the premier service provider for companies seeking to navigate the intricacies of Web3.

New Leadership, New Horizons

With their expanding empire and growing ambitions, Animoca Brands welcomed fresh faces to its leadership team in 2022. The appointment of key personnel, including Alan Lau, Minh Do, Jared Shaw, Jamii Quoc, and Josh Du, infused new energy into the company’s Web3 initiatives.

Pioneering Product Developments

In the dynamic world of Web3, innovation is paramount. Animoca Brands’ subsidiary, Blowfish Studios, raised a remarkable US$19.3 million with “Phantom Galaxies,” an open-world mech combat game. TinyTap ventured into the NFT realm, selling its first Publishers NFTs for approximately US$228,000. Additionally, Animoca Brands unveiled Mocaverse, an official PFP NFT collection in December 2022, further strengthening their Web3 ecosystem.

The Unwritten Future

As the pages of this Web3 saga continue to turn, Animoca Brands stands poised for what lies ahead. Their Investor Day in Sydney on 11 September 2023 was a significant milestone in this unfolding story, where investors and enthusiasts will gathered to witness the next steps in their journey.

In conclusion, Animoca Brands’ story is a testament to adaptability, innovation, and resilience in the ever-evolving world of Web3. As we eagerly await the next chapters of their narrative, one thing is certain: their impact on the digital frontier is far from over. Animoca Brands’ journey is destined to shape the future of Web3 for years to come.