Messages from Bondly CEO

7 min readJul 23, 2021

23rd July 2021

Hi Bondfam,

Thank you for your patience while we work to recover from the malicious attack on July 14. Here are a few updates:

  • We finished a snapshot produced by our internal team
  • An independent third-party firm is conducting on-chain analysis for the snapshot on three chains
  • Multisig contract has been completed. Three execs in the team will approve transactions to mitigate security risks
  • Token redeployment plan is now 80% completed and our marketing and product team are currently putting it together
  • This also includes compensation plan for LPs, exchanges and holders for the snapshot
  • The plan will be supported with tutorial on how to claim the tokens for those who are unsure
  • Two audit firms will audit two of our smart contracts. The turnover rate for this process is
    3–5 days
  • We have investment partners and NFT partners that are reaching out to us on a daily basis to show support, provide suggestions, feedback and also offering investment to support the business
  • I’m also continuing to take the lead as CIO, Chief Innovation Officer to establish new partnerships for Bondly. The minigame development is still in progress.

24th July 2021

Dear Bondfam 💙

I want to thank PARSIQ for partnering with us to complete our attack audit. The blockchain analysis is nearly finished.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a complex job given we operate on multiple blockchains, but we have no doubt we will get there.

I will keep you updated as soon as I can share more information on the progress of our redeployment strategy.

Thanks for your support & patience.

25th July 2021

Hi Bondfam 💙,

A third-party audit firm, Trustlook, is auditing our contract, token deployment and claim function on the three blockchains (ETH, Polygon & BSC). As part of our recovery process, we’re addressing our business & OpSec practices to help prevent future attacks, or at the very least, minimize their impact. Our new Multisig contract is now completed.

From now on, three members of the BONDLY senior leadership team must approve every transaction to mitigate security risks. I will continue to provide you with regular progress updates. We are working day & night to make this redeployment a success.

Thank you for your patience and for sticking with us. We also want to warn once again our community that bad actors are seeking to take advantage by setting up fake communication channels including scam Telegram groups and fake websites.

We have been actively working to close down the fake accounts. In the meantime, below are links to all official Bondly channels:

Have a great Sunday, and stay safe.

26th July 2021

Hi Bondfam 💙,

During the coming days, we’re focusing on the development of our dedicated token claim website, which is critical for the redeployment of the new $BONDLY token. The website will be super simple for token holders to check the amount of $BONDLY they can to claim across all three blockchains on which we operate, and then to make their claim in a few clicks.

Our goal is to make the claim experience quick and flawless. I want to take this time to personally thank our dev team for creating an MVP that meets our strict requirements.

I’ll be letting the community know the moment this site is live, and of course you’ll have plenty of notice before the claims process begins.

Have a great start to the week, and keep checking in for more updates as we continue to move forward towards our redeployment.

Thanks again for your patience and support.

27th July 2021
Hi Bondfam 💙,

We’re always listening to our token holders and wider community, and we want to ensure your continued support and patience is rewarded. Whilst we’re working hard to ensure our new smart contract is ready as quickly as possible, we’re also in the process of establishing new staking pools for holders (and hodlers) of the new $BONDLY token.

Working alongside Ferrum Network we hope to have at least 4 staking pool options to choose from right from the moment our new contract is deployed, so you can immediately start earning some attractive rewards in $BONDLY. We’ll be providing more details on these soon.

28th July 2021
Hi Bondfam 💙,

As work continues on the redeployment of our token smart contract we’re doubling down on external audits, and leaving nothing to chance. Leading Chinese audit firm Fairyproof are providing a secondary audit of our smart contract, as well as providing on-chain analysis to support our recovery efforts.

Both smart contract audits are nearly complete, and following no further setbacks we hope to have an update for our new token launch date very soon. Thanks again for standing by as we work to make things right.


29th July 2021
Hi Bondfam💙,

Building and maintaining our partnerships has been a key part of our business continuity strategy. Today, we signed a key partnership MOU with a Top 10 crypto chain. We also have two new Launchpad partnerships in our pipeline.

Confirming these relationships marks a huge post-attack milestone for Bondly. Our partnership details will be announced after our token redeployment is completed, which by the way, is close to being announced…just a few more details to be ironed out before doing so.

The Bondly team and I continue to do our best to keep you updated on our progress. As always, your patience is appreciated.


30th July 2021

Hi Bondfam 💙,

As you know we at Bondly value our community above all else, so I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge those who are feeling frustrated by our post-attack situation.

“Fortitude” is the word I would use to describe the Bondly team. Everyone is working quickly and diligently to move the company steps closer each day to the redeployment of our $Bondly token contract. We know you have a lot of questions and we’re going to address all of them with the rollout of the new token, a task we must get right first time and take extremely seriously. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on our progress with updates and commentary backed with the seal of approval from our auditors, legal advisors, and our technical team.

So, I ask you once again, to support our efforts to do what needs to be done to make it right for you, our dedicated community.

I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend.


2nd August 2021

Hi Bondfam,

I’m pleased to report that we’re making huge progress behind the scenes, and I’ve asked our development team today to demo our nearly-complete new token claims website so you can see for yourself how we’re striving to make this redeployment as straightforward and simple as possible for our token holders.

You can view the demo of our new token claims site below.

We’ll have more to update you with very soon but in the meantime please bear with us just a little longer as we work to make things right.


3rd August 2021

Hi everyone,

As I’ve often said, we’re ensuring every aspect of our redeployment has been checked and verified because we know we have a lot to do to rebuild trust with our stakeholders. It may take longer than many would like, but we think it’s the right thing to do.

With that in mind I’d like to share the recently completed Smart Contract audit commissioned by us with Trustlook, to demonstrate the integrity of the new token contract. You can view the report here:

I hope you’ll agree that a thorough approach is the correct one, and thanks again for standing by us.


4th August 2021

Hi everyone,

Today I’ve asked a few of my Exec team here at Bondly to join me in providing an update to the community in a recorded presentation, outlining our journey so far and some key updates. You can watch the video here:

Whilst we continue to work on our redeployment strategy we are simultaneously in talks with potential partners and investors that necessitate a minor delay on relaunch timings, but we’re confident that the upside for our community is too important to ignore in the context of Bondly’s long-term growth potential. We ask for your understanding whilst we navigate this stage of exploration with these stakeholders.

I’ve made my email available for any queries you may have,, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me during this time.


11th August 2021

Hi everyone,

Things have been progressing well behind the scenes with potential investment partners. We also anticipate announcing some partner news as well.

Our community will be the first to know once everything is finalized.You’ll soon see the fruits of our labour, and I really do appreciate your support during this challenging time. Until then please be reassured that we’ll be back, and bigger than ever!


16th August 2021

Hi everyone,

The pace is picking up here at Bondly. We can now share additional information about our partnership with Bridge Mutual Insurance, which is supporting our token redeployment through the launch of a dedicated coverage pool for Bondly.

The pool will provide an attractive APY to users who stake Tether to underwrite Bondly insurance policies, giving an extra layer of protection for our community.

Working with Bridge Mutual is one of the many steps we’re taking to demonstrate our commitment to providing our community a safe environment for our upcoming token redeployment.

We’ll have additional details related to the coverage pool at the time of redeployment, but until then, thank you again for your patience — there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


19th August 2021

Hi everyone,

We have welcome news for our community! On Monday, August 23 at Noon EDT, we’ll be setting our $BONDLY token redeployment countdown clock. More information to come…