Messages from Bondly CEO

23rd July 2021

  • We finished a snapshot produced by our internal team
  • An independent third-party firm is conducting on-chain analysis for the snapshot on three chains
  • Multisig contract has been completed. Three execs in the team will approve transactions to mitigate security risks
  • Token redeployment plan is now 80% completed and our marketing and product team are currently putting it together
  • This also includes compensation plan for LPs, exchanges and holders for the snapshot
  • The plan will be supported with tutorial on how to claim the tokens for those who are unsure
  • Two audit firms will audit two of our smart contracts. The turnover rate for this process is
    3–5 days
  • We have investment partners and NFT partners that are reaching out to us on a daily basis to show support, provide suggestions, feedback and also offering investment to support the business
  • I’m also continuing to take the lead as CIO, Chief Innovation Officer to establish new partnerships for Bondly. The minigame development is still in progress.

24th July 2021

25th July 2021

26th July 2021



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