Logan Paul’s Box Break Event Live on Saturday, February 27th.

What’s happening this weekend?

What are the NFTs?

Here are the NFTs that will be on sale this Saturday:

Matte Black Tier

  • One (1) Matte Black version of the Logan Paul Box Break NFT
  • One (1) Logan Paul PolkaPets Spirit Guide Card
  • One (1) Random PolkaPet Card

Next, we have the Gold Tier:

  • One (1) Gold version of the Logan Paul Box Break NFT
  • GUARANTEED 1 PolkaPet
  • Enter in PolkaPet Giveaway (Details Below)

Finally, we have the Silver Tier:

  • One (1) Silver version of the Logan Paul Box Break NFT
  • 1 in 8 Chance to Win a Unique PolkaPet
  • Enter in PolkaPet Giveaway (Details Below)

PolkaPets Giveaway for Gold AND Silver Buyers:

  • A chance to win one (1) Random PolkaPet Pet Card (100 Winners)
  • A chance to win one (1) Logan Paul PolkaPets Spirit Guide Card (100 Winners)

When/Where will the NFTs be airdropped?

  • The sale will happen at shopnfts.com and use Coinbase Commerce as the payment method. A Coinbase Account is not required but supported. checkout. Metamask wallet is also supported.
  • Any NFTs purchased will be sent to a newly created wallet associated with the email address provided during checkout using (using Arkane Wallet)
  • NFT rewards will be sent Tuesday, March 2nd or sooner
  • The NFT will be minted on Polygon (formally Matic) and will come with a free amount of $MATIC currency
  • NFT will be available for resale in Matic Opensea and Arkane Marketplace upon receipt; Bondly is working on completion of a Polygon/ETH bridge to move assets to sell on ETH
  • All gas fees for this transfer will be covered by Bondly
  • All PolkaPets card rewards that are already minted will be airdropped to wallet holders on the ETH network

In Conclusion:

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