Logan Paul Partners with Bondly Finance to Bring NFTs to the Maverick MetaVerse!

3 min readFeb 3, 2021

Before knocking out Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul is taking his talents to Bondly Finance!

We are excited to join the Maverick family as we partner with Logan Paul to power his NFT Universe.

Yup, you heard it right! Logan Paul is releasing Limited Edition NFTs for his next Pokémon Box Break, all created and distributed by Bondly!

Here’s the details:

Who is Logan Paul?

Logan Alexander Paul is an American YouTuber, actor, podcaster and boxer. He is one of the largest internet personalities on YouTube.

As well as posting on his own YouTube channel, he has run the IMPAULSIVE podcast since November 2018, which currently has over 22.7 million followers on YouTube. He earned his initial fame from the video-sharing app Vine, where he would post comedy sketches.

Logan has been on the forefront of several different industries such as entertainment and Pokemon. When we shared with him the potential NFTs can bring to his Maverick family, he was excited.

How Have Logan Paul and Bondly Partnered?

Logan Paul has partnered with Bondly to release a Limited Edition series of NFT collectibles for his Maverick family.

What does this look like?

Logan Paul just announced he will be opening another Pokémon 1st Edition Booster Box live on his YouTube channel. He is auctioning all 36 packs away, then opening them live on his YouTube channel for millions to watch.

But this time is different. Along with each pack sold, the buyers will also receive a 1 of 44 Logan Paul Holographic NFT.

Along with Logan’s 1 of 44 Ultra Rare Holographic NFTs, Bondly’s will be working with Logan Paul to sell an entire line of limited edition NFTs, paired with his box break, for those who are unable to make a bid in the auction.

Each Logan Paul NFT sold will have its own level of rarity and limited quantity. These will only be available for a limited time before they are sold on the open market.

When Will the Sale Go Down?

The Auction for Logan’s First Edition Packs and NFTs is live now here.

Where Can I Purchase NFTs that Logan Paul is Selling?

Logan Paul’s Limited Edition Maverick NFTs will be available via Logan’s Custom Store, powered by Bondly and our BondSwap Marketplace.

More details on this soon.

What’s the Future for Bondly?

It’s evident that NFTs are here to stay, especially as more mainstream influencers, artists, celebrities, and more become interested in the potential this technology holds. At Bondly, we are determined to bridge the educational gap around NFTs. Our goal is to usher in the next 1,000,000 NFT holders.

This is only the beginning. We will continue to work with Logan Paul and other partners to build NFT solutions

About Bondly

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