Liquidity Staking: What Is It and How Is It Done?

What is Liquidity Staking?

Requirements for Staking

How to become an LP (Liquid provider)

  1. Go to and click ‘Pool’ on the top left. (Direct Link:

How to find UNI V2 tokens in MetaMask​

Start Staking [BONDLY] Uni-V2 Pool Tokens

The Reward Structures of the Bondly Liquidity Staking Pools

  • Rewards: Uniswap Trading Fees + 105% APY
  • Full maturity: 60 days
  • Early withdrawal starts: 30 days
  • Early withdrawal rewards start at 40% APY + Trading Fees
  • Pool size: Unlimited
  • The time period to contribute: 7 days
  • Minimum amount staked: 3000 BONDLY Tokens

General Overview of BONDLY Staking

About Bondly



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