Legends of the Mara: Unveiling the Secrets of Otherside

4 min readOct 9, 2023

In a digital realm known as Otherside, a thrilling adventure is starting. This realm is home to mysterious beings called the Mara, and their existence is closely tied to the enigmatic Vessels. The legends of Otherside is being written, and you are about to become a part of them.

The Chronicles Begin: Legends of the Mara

In Otherside, a unique world, part card game and part idle tap game, was emerging known as “Legends of the Mara” (LoTM). This game is designed to challenge your strategic skills and creativity. As a Voyager, you can step into the shoes of the Mara, the original inhabitants of Otherside.

Your mission? To fend off hostile beings spawned from the shattered Vessels and reap the rewards of this perilous journey. Your Otherdeed inhabitants will become your companions in this epic quest.

The Essence of LoTM: Fight, Farm, and Reap the Rewards

LoTM’s essence lay in three core activities:

  1. Fighting: Battles were inevitable in Otherside. You’d engage in thrilling encounters against the Shattered, and victory would yield valuable loot chests. But remember, Otherside loot is limited, so quick action is essential.
  2. Farming: Your Otherdeed has a crucial role in Otherside’s ecosystem. They produced Sediment Fragments that are highly sought after. Farmer Oda could harvest these Fragments, and they untap power within them. Future possibilities for selling, trading, or using them for evolution await.
  3. Crafting: As you defeated the Shattered, you’ll accumulate loot famous throughout Otherside. Your Environment Tier and ranking will influence the rarity and frequency of loot, leading to the opportunity to build parts for a spacecraft. The allure of interdimensional exploration awaits those who dared to dream.

The Power of the Oda: Koda, Mara, and Kodamara

The Mara, with their enigmatic origins, were divided into three unique categories: Koda, Mara, and Kodamara. These were the Oda, Otherside’s original inhabitants, and their attributes play a vital role in your battles ahead.

Harnessing Myst: The In-Game Currency

Myst, Otherside’s in-game currency, is your key to gaining a competitive edge. You can use Myst to refresh abilities, expedite Shattered appearances, or accelerate Vessel hatching when you needed backup.

The Seasons of the Otherside Odiac: Evolution and Catalysts

The Otherside Odiac is a celestial coordinate system that governs Mara evolution. It is divided into four seasons: Creation, Evolution, Afterlife, and Abyss. Each season is tied to unique constellations.

A Mara’s evolution is influenced by the ingestion of seasonal Catalysts. These Catalysts bestowed traits that belonged to the constellations of the current season. Catalysts are limited, so choosing when to use them is crucial.

The Friends: Allies from the NFT Wallet

In LoTM, your Otherside and partner NFTs became your teammates, adding to your roster of Hunters without occupying slots. These partners were capable of unleashing their unique skills and abilities in battle.

Venturing Beyond: Otherside Exploration

As a Voyager, your journey is far from over. You can venture to the outer reaches of Otherside. To get there, you’ll need to accumulate loot, some of which will be essential for constructing a spacecraft. The changing of the seasons will bring new opportunities and challenges, ensuring that your adventure never grew stale.

The Vessels Descend: A Sacred Shower

The Vessel shower is a sacred event in Otherside, and it is central to the Kodas’ existence. During this phenomenon, Vessels fell upon every Otherdeed, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their existence.

Shades Find Vessels: A Mysterious Awakening

As the Vessels descend, the glowing Obelisk awakes the Shades, spiritual entities that roam Otherside. These Shades claim Vessels as shelters, but not all Vessels were hospitable. Those that rejected their seekers can become corrupted, posing a severe threat.

The Kodamara Collection: An Evolutionary Revelation

Starting with the Creation Season, Kodamaras reveal themselves. Their transformations are influenced by the Catalysts ingested during their Mara phase. These Kodamaras promise to bring new abilities and excitement to your adventures.

Join the Legends: LoTM’s Impact

The Legends of the Mara open beta is more than just a game; it is an opportunity to become a part of Otherside’s history. The adventures that await you, the battles you’ll fight, and the rewards you’ll reap are all intertwined in a captivating tale.

As Otherside continues to evolve, so does the legends within it. The only question that remained was: Where will your Mara take you next?

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