Introducing: The Bondly Whitelist Club

March 21, 2022 — At Bondly, we are at the forefront of developing new technologies to make blockchain utilization for NFTs and crypto currencies safer, more efficient and truly decentralized.

If you read our recent litepaper, you will have noticed our latest service, the NFT Whitelist Club! The NFT Whitelist Club gives users the chance to win a lottery for an exclusive whitelist spot or NFT drop. Our partners have premier, popular NFTs and include some new projects as well as some more well-established ones.

Benefit to $BONDLY Token Stakers

  • Rewards committed stakers with ongoing benefits.
  • Get curated, valuable and experience-based NFTs every month.
  • Early access to games, experiences, and projects.

Exclusive NFTs from Bondly Partnerships

Recently, Bondly has worked with massive PFP projects like Tasty Bones, Champions Ascension and fellow Animoca Brands project, Torque Squad. Our relationships under the Animoca umbrella and beyond give us exclusive opportunities that can be passed along to our community.

In addition, Bondly’s creative team has many years of experience with a wide range of skills in 3D modeling and design. We now have the capacity to build high-utility NFTs designed for metaverse ecosystems such as The Sandbox and Decentraland.

We also have access to best-in-class creative guilds to support development of highly immersive metaverse experiences on projects like High Street, Moonray, Somnium, Solice, WilderWold, and Decentraland. These NFT assets are valuable and would be made exclusively for Whitelist Club participants.

Examples of recent in-house NFTs

How Does it Work?

Holders can start earning an attractive APR% on the $BONDLY and the ability to enter the Whitelist Club simply by staking your ERC-20 based $BONDLY in our $BONDLY staking pool.

After staking your $BONDLY and receiving xBONLDY, you will need to hold it in a single wallet for a minimum required period of 14 days for our first Whitelist Club offering. (See this article for more info on how-to stake and receive xBONDLY).

The amount of xBONDLY held determines the user’s rank:

Platinum: 337,000 xBONDLY

Gold: 193,000 xBONDLY

Silver: 96,500 xBONDLY

Bronze: 48,250 xBONDLY

Each Rank has equal nominal chance (%) to win a whitelist spot, however, the higher the Rank, the less lottery participants this Rank has. Hence, the users in Platinum Rank will have a higher real chance (%) to win a whitelist spot.

Example breakdown of Whitelist spots available per tier based on total of 40 to give away:

DISCLAIMER: We are not accountable for any potential bugs in our partner’s smart contract code or any other tech involved in the minting process.

The Whitelist Club is something we are especially excited about not only for the utility that it brings for $BONDLY holders and our community, but also for the fun and excitement to come! We will be announcing our first Whitelist Club partner tomorrow, so stay tuned for those details and don’t miss out on your chance to be in the Whitelist Club — visit our Bondly Staking Portal NOW!

About Bondly

Bondly is at the forefront of developing new technologies to make blockchain utilization for NFTs and crypto currencies safer, more efficient and truly decentralized. One of the few end-to-end NFT platforms in the market, Bondly executes every step of the process to bring authenticated digital-first goods to the market in music, entertainment, gaming and collectibles with a suite of products and services designed to support the entire blockchain ecosystem.

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