How to Claim My New $BONDLY Tokens

Below outlines the steps required to claim your new $BONDLY tokens if you are eligible:

Step 1 | Landing page

Start by visiting

You will be able to claim your new tokens on 4:30pm UTC August 29th, and until then the landing page has a countdown counter marking the token’s release.

Token replacement countdown

Information regarding how to claim the new tokens will appear when the claim process is enabled.

Connect your wallet to claim

Step 2 | Connect Your Wallet

Click the “Connect Wallet” button which will start the claim process. You can connect your Metamask or Venly wallet directly, or any wallet compatible with WalletConnect.

Important: Connect the wallet that was storing the original $BONDLY tokens at the moment of the snapshot for the network your tokens were held on. This serves as the key to claim your new $BONDLY tokens.

Option 1 — Top-Right Button
Option 2 — On-Page Button

Step 3 | Check the number of new $BONDLY you are eligible to claim

Once connected to your wallet, the system will check for your wallet address and will display the amount of new $BONDLY tokens that you are eligible to claim across the Ethereum, BSC and Polygon networks.

Note: If no tokens are available for you to claim, try connecting to a different wallet because the one connected did not have $BONDLY tokens in it at the time of the snapshot.

$BONDLY tokens available to claim

To claim your new tokens, hover your mouse over one of the network icons and the Claim Tokens button will appear.

If you are not on the right network for the claim option selected, a message will appear, asking you to change to another network.

TIP | Check your network

At the top of the screen, the system indicates to which network you are connected.

This wallet is connected to Ethereum mainnet

If your wallet is not connected to either the Ethereum, BSC or Polygon network, the system will suggest that you are on the “Wrong Network”

This wallet is not connected to either the Ethereum, BSC or Polygon network

No Tokens Available to Claim for your Connected Wallet

If there are no tokens available to claim for your connected wallet, a zero will be shown. If you believe you are still eligible to receive tokens using this wallet, and these tokens were in it (or staked using that wallet) at the time of the relevant network snapshots below, you can submit a ticket to our customer service team via our support portal on our claims website once it is live on (4:30pm UTC August 29th).

Snapshot times for each network
In this example, no $BONDLY tokens are available to be claimed

You can also go and buy the new $BONDLY tokens on UniSwap or PancakeSwap by following the links in the “Buy” dropdown in the menu or by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the Claim page.

Step 4 | Claim Your Tokens

Following confirmation of your eligible tokens to claim, click the Claim Tokens button of the chosen network, to initiate your claim. Immediately, an “Authorize Claim” popup will appear along with your wallet popup, for your authorization. If you are connected with your Venly wallet, you will be redirected to the Venly page to confirm the Claim.

Important: Please take time to carefully read all the authorization details and, when ready, you can proceed by approving the wallet’s request.

After you successfully confirm the claim, the screen will update and the “Claim in Progress” message will appear followed by a “Claim successful” message.

If you accidentally close the window when your claim is still in progress then don’t worry, you will still get your tokens. Closing the window will not cancel the transaction on the blockchain.

If the operation has been successfully completed, your claim availability on the given network will be “0” and a notification will appear, as shown below:

Successful token claim notification

If you don’t receive a notification and your claim balance did not change, it means the operation is still in progress. Starting a new claim at this point will simply override the previous operation and will not speed up the process.

If after several hours, the operation has not been processed yet, it means the gas allocated for the claim was too low. In this case, we suggest you repeat the claim process, with more gas.

Step 5 | Check Your Wallet

After your claim is successfully completed, you can check the wallet you used for the claim to see your new $BONDLY token balance. You may need to add the new token as a Custom Token in your wallet for it to appear. Firstly, make sure you check your wallet on the network you used to claim the tokens. Secondly, scroll to the footer of the Claim page where you will find new $BONDLY token contracts.

Adding the new $BONDLY token to your wallet

Adding the new $BONDLY token to your wallet

If you claim with Metamask, you can add the new token by clicking the Metamask icon for a chosen network and then clicking “Add Token” in the Metamask pop-up. If you use a different wallet, you can copy the new $BONDLY token address for a chosen network to manually add it to your wallet.







That should be it! You have now claimed your new $BONDLY token for the network you chose. If you are eligible to claim new $BONDLY tokens on other networks, simply repeat the process above having selected the relevant network.

Congratulations! You have successfully claimed your new $BONDLY tokens.

You can then go and stake them in our new staking pools to start earning some attractive APY rewards.

Go to staking

If Your Wallet is Incompatible

Wallet Migration Tutorial

If your wallet is not compatible with the redeployment portal on our tokens claim website, and you have the backup of the recovery phrase with which you set it up, you may be able to create a fresh MetaMask for use with the portal.

If you do not have MetaMask already set up, you may proceed to do so using your recovery phrase

Tip: Metamask works well in Google Chrome so use that browser to avoid any issue.

If you already have MetaMask set up, you may either set up MetaMask as above on another device, or temporarily replace your MetaMask, setting up the replacement as above.

NOTE: If you do choose to temporarily replace your MetaMask, you will require your recovery phrase to replace the original. Be certain that you have your recovery phrase securely recorded before replacing your MetaMask.

You may now use your MetaMask account to access the redeployment portal. Additional assistance in using Metamask is available at ​​

NOTE: Claims are based on the location of the “old” token at the time of the snapshot. Migrating your address gives you access to the claims portal, it does not affect the snapshot or the location of the old token. If you continue to have an issue with your claim, please create a support ticket.

Support | We are here to assist

If you experience difficulties when claiming your tokens or have questions, please press the Support button on the bottom right of the screen and try searching your request:

FAQs and Support Request

If you don’t find a solution in the FAQs, please click Support Request and clearly describe your issue and specify your wallet address.



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