How to add new $BONDLY tokens to your Metamask wallet

Your new $BONDLY token is waiting for you. Below describes the step-by-step process to add the token to your Metamask wallet.

  1. Go to the footer of the Claim page

Ethereum Mainnet: 0x91dfbee3965baaee32784c2d546b7a0c62f268c9
Binance Smart Chain: 0x5D0158A5c3ddF47d4Ea4517d8DB0D76aA2e87563
Polygon: 0x64ca1571d1476b7a21c5aaf9f1a750a193a103c0

2. Choose the network you want to add the new $BONDLY token for

3. Click the Metamask icon near the chosen network

4. Click “Add Token” in the appearing Metamask pop-up

5. See the new $BONDLY token in your wallet

Go to your Metamask wallet and choose the network you added the new $BONDLY token for. Then go to Assets and see your new $BONDLY tokens.

Congratulations! Your new $BONDLY tokens are now visible in your “Assets” list on your Metamask home page.




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