Genesis Mint: Embark on a Web3 Adventure with Wreck League

5 min readAug 15, 2023

In the realm of Web3, a new tale unfolds — the epic journey of Wreck League. As the saga begins, enthusiasts brace themselves for the first chapter: Genesis Mint. The Web3 community is about to set foot on an exhilarating path, with the promise of excitement, surprises, and the allure of uncharted territories.

Mint 1: A Glimpse into the Unseen

The curtain rises on August 17th at 9 AM PT, unveiling the much-anticipated Mint 1. But remember, only those who have registered and secured a spot on the Allowlist before August 15th at 11:59 PM PT will be granted entry into this enchanting affair. The stage is set, and the countdown to Mint 1 begins.

Navigating the Landscape: Pre-Queue and Minting

The Web3 warriors who are wise shall find themselves in the Pre-Queue, commencing at 8:30 AM PT on the day of minting. Here, Queue-It shall will randomly assign queue positions. Those who venture forth after 9 AM PT will find themselves at the end of the queue, behind the early risers. Punctuality becomes a weapon of choice on August 17th.

With the clock striking 9 AM PT, Mint 1 opens its doors, offering a 24-hour window to obtain the coveted Genesis Mint boxes. Within this span, from August 17th to August 18th at 9 AM PT, the fate of acquisition rests in the hands of those daring enough to seize the opportunity. But heed this: the Allowlist closes on August 15th at 11:59 PM PT, sealing the path to Mint 1.

Equip Yourself for the Journey Ahead

ApeCoin and ETH shall be your trusty companions as you journey through Genesis Mint. ApeCoin is your currency to unlock the treasures within the Wreck League Genesis Mint boxes. As you gear up for this adventure, ensure that both ApeCoin and ETH (gas fee) are at the ready in your wallet.

Embrace foresight and strategy — lay your hands on ApeCoin through a variety of avenues, from centralized exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase to decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and 1inch. Be prepared for the financial voyage that lies ahead.

Join the mint and purchase a box or boxes. Boxes are blind at this stage, meaning you won’t know the rarity, but you can sell or trade them.

The Enigma of Majestic and Booster Boxes

Genesis Mint unveils two variants of treasure boxes: Majestic and Booster. The Majestic box contains a collection of 10 parts, an assembly of potential to create a formidable mech. The Booster box, on the other hand, offers 5 parts, a fusion of possibility to enhance an existing mech or commence the creation of a new one. The adventure that unfolds with these boxes adds an element of unpredictability and anticipation to the pursuit.

Prepare to enter a world where 25,000 Majestic boxes and 5,000 Booster boxes await their new owners. At a price of 150 APE$ for the Majestic box and 50 APE$ for the Booster box, the treasury of Wreck League beckons.

Koda’s Blessing: A Tale of Rarity and Destiny

Koda, a name resonating with power, emerges as a guardian of rarity. Holders of Koda are destined to enjoy the blessing of rarity boosts, paving their way to higher-tier boxes. The path is illuminated: join the Allowlist, secure your spot, and acquire Founders boxes.

As you embark on this path, know this — the rarity of the box remains a mystery until after the mint. Your destiny is sealed, but its revelation is postponed. A few weeks after the mint, the Koda holders shall stand tall, claiming their reward — Founders boxes, a testament to their allegiance.

The Spectrum of Rarity: Unveiling the Mystery

In the intricate world of Wreck League, rarity unveils its spectrum on August 24th. From the ordinary Common to the extraordinary Yuga tiers, each box carries a unique rarity. It is this rarity that shapes the contents within. A chart becomes your guide, your compass, directing you toward the spectrum that defines the treasures concealed within the boxes.

From Minting to Battle: A Dance of Fate

The day of reckoning arrives on August 24th. With the dawn of this day, the veil of mystery surrounding the rarity of your boxes shall be lifted. The unknown shall transition into the known, revealing the tiers of your treasures. Yet, the revelation is not an invitation to unveil the contents; it is but a glimpse into what lies ahead.

September 14th marks the date when warriors can choose to unveil the contents of their boxes. The choice is yours — to witness the treasures within or to leave them unopened to keep, sell, or trade if you wish. Once a box is opened, the box NFT itself will be burned and the claimed parts will appear in your wallet.

The Legacy of Koda: A Power Unveiled

As the chapters of Genesis Mint unfold, Koda’s legacy unfolds alongside. August 31st is the day when Koda holders shall stake their claim on the Founders Mech. This isn’t just a mech; it’s a symbol of power and might, a Founders Mech that arrives pre-assembled, ready to embark on battles. It is a key, unlocking the door to the world of gameplay.

Prepare yourself, Koda bearers, for August 31st is a date etched with destiny. Your Kodas shall stand as your ticket, your claim to a Founders Mech. The journey towards this moment begins with your decoupled Kodas, your wallet, and the spark of anticipation.

The Adventure Unfolds: The Road Ahead

As the pages of this epic are turned, the adventure unfolds. Follow the chronicles of Wreck League for more revelations. And while Mint 2 and Mint 3 linger on the horizon, each with its promises and rewards, know this — Web3’s Wreck League saga is an odyssey that beckons. Your Web3 journey, marked by Genesis Mint, has begun.