Forj Whitelist Club Features Innovative On Chain PFP Collection: ‘On Chain Monkeys’

The Forj Whitelist Club continues to reward individuals staking $BONDLY and earning xBONDLY as we announce our next partner featuring the first PFP collection created all on chain: ‘On Chain Monkeys’.

On Chain Monkeys launched as an experimental on chain art piece. That means all the artwork and metadata are generated and stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Founder Danny Yang (CEO) has created 2 previous crypto companies (Maicoin, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Taiwan, and Blockseer, a blockchain analytics firm which sold in 2018). Danny has a PhD in computer science from Stanford and founded the Stanford Bitcoin Meetup in 2013. Amanda Terry (COO) has a background in Web2 working at Twitter and NBC and is a Princeton and Wharton MBA grad.

As many people in the NFT world know, some of the most popular projects right now are profile picture projects (PFPs). However, only a few previous on chain projects are PFPs due to the complexity of creating an interesting collection of profile pictures from code. So ‘OCM’ decided to take a shot at bridging those two things together, and even take it one step further. From what we can find, OnChainMonkey was the first PFP collection created all on chain in a single transaction.

OCM Genesis made history by being the first of its kind. The unique design and simple geometry was created by smart contract code and is recognizable anywhere. ‘Karma’ evolves it by imagining some of the potential of OCM. Each trait gets special detailed treatment by they’re award winning art team. The Karma collection is a collection of 20,000 monkeys, where 10,000 will be paired with a Genesis monkey. Genesis holders will receive their paired Karma. The additional 10,000 will be available for a public mint.

The winners of the Forj Whitelist Club giveaway will be eligible to participate in On Chain Monkeys ‘Karma’ mint on June 29th.

Genesis →Karma

It all starts with staking your $BONDLY in our native Ethereum staking pool for xBONDLY. After staking your $BONDLY and receiving xBONDLY, you will need to have held it in a single wallet for a minimum required period of 14 days. This means that those who have been staking $BONDLY for longer periods will have the most opportunity to win a whitelist spot!

For more info on how-to stake and receive xBONDLY, check out this article.

Like our previous Whitelist Club partnerships, the amount of xBONDLY held determines the user’s tier:

And just as a reminder: each tier has equal nominal chance (%) to win a whitelist spot, however the higher the tier, the less lottery participants this tier has. Hence, the users in Platinum tier will have a higher chance (%) to win a whitelist spot in real terms. In addition, those who have not won in a higher tier are rolled into the drawings of the next tier down. I.e. any Platinum tiered participants who do not win that drawing are rolled into the drawing for the Gold.

On top of this there are X7 whitelist spots available for untiered holders of xBONDLY, and those that did not win from the lottery drawing of any of the four tiers (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze).

If you are not an xBONDLY holder, or did not win any of the above five lottery drawings, that’s ok too! We will be giving away X10 whitelist spots to anyone who entered the Gleam competition, meaning everyone is eligible for the chance to win something.

Finally there will be X5 OCM ‘Karma’ whitelist spot given away during our AMA on Tuesday, June 14th at 9AM PST / 5PM BST, so keep an eye on our community channels for that announcement.

Don’t miss out on your chance to increase your odds of winning a spot on the next Whitelist Club feature: start staking your $BONDLY for xBONDLY in our Staking Portal NOW:

Please Note: Your xBONDLY will not earn you a spot in our lottery to win a whitelist spot unless you provide your wallet address that contains your xBONDLY via ‘Gleam’ so we can accurately assess who is an active/ participating member of this new initiative, as well as determine your tier eligibility. The ‘Gleam’ form will be posted on all of our official social media platforms tomorrow and can also be found here when live: {GLEAM LINK}

Don’t miss out on gaining the best possible chance of winning our next Whitelist Club partner — visit our Bondly Staking Portal NOW and start staking your $BONDLY for an attractive APR% and xBONDLY that can earn you a tier in our next drawing!

DISCLAIMER: We are not accountable for any potential bugs in our partner’s smart contract code or any other tech involved in the minting process.

About On Chain Monkey

The first 100% ON CHAIN PFP collection is created in one transaction. This project is by Danny Yang, Amanda Terry, Bill Tai, and the Metagood team. Ownership allows membership in the community and the DAO.

Discord. Twitter. OpenSea.

About Forj

A subsidiary of Animoca Brands, Forj delivers leading Web3 products and technologies that create unique fan experiences for creators. A truly end-to-end solution, Forj is the next frontier of fan engagement through its use of NFTs, metaverse protocols, and blockchain tech to bring fans closer to their favorite creator brands in Music, Entertainment, Gaming and beyond. With major partnerships including influencer Logan Paul, Grammy-nominated musician Lewis Capaldi, and leading creator platform Spring, Forj has an enviable track-record of success in the sector.

Forj-owned brands include metaverse infrastructure project Metaprints and leading GameFi project PolkaPets.

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