Bondly’s NFT LaunchPad: Special Benefits for Bondly Community Members

3 min readFeb 9, 2021

As you all know we have gone live with our NFT LaunchPad, which has already seen major success. Now, we are introducing special benefits to all Bondly Community Members who participate in NFT sales via the LaunchPad.

What is the NFT LaunchPad?

The NFT LaunchPad, powered by BondSwap, serves as a proven model for our partners to gain traction, grow revenue and secure a foothold in the NFT space. Once the initial on-boarding is completed, the NFT LaunchPad allows our partner projects to use our infrastructure and networks as a foundation for other verticals such as: music, collectibles, game royalty NFTs, and more.

Bondly’s NFT Launchpad Will:

  • Allow participants access to public sales of hot projects prior to Uniswap listings
  • Enable projects to communicate and engage with their communities through an interactive fundraising process powered by NFT technology
  • Bring unique utility to a partner project’s ecosystem through NFT Technology
  • Provide holders of partner project NFTs tier 1 benefits within Bondly’s ecosystem

What Special Benefits Can You Receive by Being a Bondly Community Member?

As we begin to announce new NFT partnerships with Logan Paul, PolkaPets, and more, we want to deliver as much value to Bondly’s Core Community as possible.

So, if you’re a loyal Bondly Community Member, we’ve added some unique benefits and rewards when you use our NFT LaunchPad.

Tier 0 (BASE):

  • APY Rewards
  • Premium NFT Airdrop Lottery

Tier 1 (BRONZE):

  • Guaranteed Monthly NFT Drop
  • Lottery based allocation for remaining Premium and Standard NFT
  • APY Rewards on first 50k BONDLY tokens
  • Requirements: Hold 50k BONDLY Tokens in Wallet and Stake 1 BCCG NFT

Tier 2 (SILVER):

  • Non guaranteed first buyers rights for remaining Premium and Standard NFT
  • Requirements: Hold 100k BONDLY AND Stake 2 BCCG NFT

Tier 3 (GOLD):

  • Guaranteed allocation for Standard Partner NFT
  • Requirements: Hold 200k BONDLY AND Stake 3 BCCG NFT

Tier 4 (PLATINUM):

  • Guaranteed Allocation of Premium Partner NFT
  • Requirements: Hold more than 350k BONDLY Tokens and Staking 4 BCCG NFT

All our launchpad tiers will also be eligible for a special bonus NFT airdrop on a monthly basis.

*Special restrictions will be included on Logan Paul and other future NFT sales. Stay tuned for more details.

NFT LaunchPad Success:

Kylin and Bridge partnered with Bondly to launch their own unique and successful NFT initiatives. Bondly worked directly with Kylin and Bridge, respectively, to help them strategize and execute the launch of their customized NFT’s. Each NFT sold provides unique utilities to each community.

Both launches sold out in under 60 seconds with a combined volume of $140,000!

It is also worth noting that demand, based on live site viewers and attempted transactions, outstripped supply by more than 10X!

What’s Next?

With the successful launch of Kylin and Bridge through our NFT LaunchPad, we are looking for more crypto companies to join us on this journey.

Next to launch:

We have 3 exciting projects joining the NFT LaunchPad soon! Stay tuned for these announcement shortly!

We welcome new partners to the opportunity to collaborate and create with us as we continue to lay the groundwork for the NFT ecosystem!

If you’re interested in joining Bondly’s NFT LaunchPad, contact us at

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