Bondly x Parachute Partnership Announcement

Bondly is proud to announce its latest partnership with Parachute, one of their most innovative integrations yet. Parachute is building the social infrastructure of the new digital economy by implementing DeFi products and a blockchain-based, social media integrated crypto wallet. This gives users the ability to swap, send, and receive crypto through their telegram accounts.

Bondly’s infrastructure and service offering will empower and enable Parachute users to interact with Bondly’s DeFi products through the use of Parachute’s social wallets. Bondly will assist Parachute in facilitating transparent transfers of assets through social media platforms without the need for an intermediary.

Parachute will provide Bondly’s users, through this new partnership, with the ability to become their own bank without anything other than a Telegram account. Bondly will build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with Parachute aimed at creating an improved digital asset ecosystem and driving adoption across easily accessible sectors and avenues.

With the overview taken care of, Bondly is excited to be partnering with Parachute, and this excitement is conveyed in a statement made by Brandon Smith, Founder & CEO at Bondly Finance.

“We are looking forward to working with Parachute to lower the barriers to entry for everyone attempting to get into the crypto space, our goal is to make it easier to trade crypto in any social media app they are already using. This gives more opportunities for new digital businesses that never existed before.”

Lindsey, Parachute’s Co-Founder says, “Parachute & Bondly are in the exploratory phase of a long-term partnership — we see an amazing opportunity to work together where Parachute can use it’s expertise in social media UX and wallet tech to join with Bondly’s bold approach to social tokenized assets to build a seamless and clean end to end crypto+social marketplace, with the added benefit of incorporating the native Bondly token and additional Polkadot cross-chain functionality.”

About Bondly

Bondly is an interoperable, transparent, and portable swap protocol designed to revolutionize traditional escrow methods and make everyone into their own digital marketplace. Our family of trust-enabling DeFi products are designed to be a part of everyday buying and selling activities, giving peace of mind for swap or online purchases. Our product BProtect is a DeFi enabled eCommerce gateway specializing in integrating into your favorite online marketplaces very simply and easily with no integration fees, just staking tokens.

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | LinkedIn | Twitch | Uniswap

About Parachute:

Parachute is a crypto platform & DeFi aggregator founded in 2017 with a clear vision: Crypto for Everyone. Their flagship product ParJar has amassed an impressive 40,000 users and 1.5mm processed payments during their beta phase. ParJar is a social wallet that aims to make crypto easy, social, and put the world of DeFi into your hands in any chat app where you and your friends are. With ParJar you can buy, sell, send, swap, pool and soon stake & invest crypto with your friends directly in Telegram. Parachute is continuously expanding its ParJar offering with other products and services, all powered by its ERC20 token Parachute (PAR).

Website| ParJar Wallet | Telegram| Medium| Twitter| Uniswap



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