Bondly TGE and Staking Are Here!

3 min readDec 8, 2020

First off, we would just like to begin by thanking you, the community, for supporting Bondly. We know it’s been a long, hard road but the next part of the journey is about to begin!

But finally, we have the news everyone is waiting for, The BONDLY Token Generation Event is here!

TGE Details

Our token is live on Uniswap!

Contract Address:


Uniswap Info:


How to Verify Contract Address:

  1. Ensure the only contract address you use is an address from one of our official channels

Telegram Announcement Channel

Telegram Chat — Bondly Admin or Brandon Bondsmith himself

Official Twitter Page

Official Announcement Page

2. Confirm Contract Address on Etherscan

— Copy and paste into search bar

How to Buy Bondly:

  1. Connect a Web 3.0 enabled wallet to the Uniswap interface
  2. Use the Uniswap link provided on our official channels
  3. Adding the contract address provided on our official channels directly to Uniswap
  4. Swap ETH or USDT for Bondly Tokens

Bondly Staking is Live!

The Bondly Staking Platform is now live! Thanks to our partners at Ferrum Network, you are now able to stake Bondly Tokens in multiple ways. Learn about the details of Bondly Staking here.

To participate in Bondly’s Staking Platform, go here.

Reminder of the Team Token Lock

As a reminder, our team, advisors, and seed investors all have a significant lock up period on their tokens. This is to ensure the stable long term value of our asset giving our users and any new token holders peace of mind.

Review Bondly’s Transparency Report here.

NFT Airdrop Reminder

Remember, if you have purchased and still hold a BCCG NFT, like you all should be, you are eligible for the $BONDLY airdrop! These airdrops are still the only guaranteed way to secure yourself some Bondly tokens at public sale listing price, this is a massive opportunity considering the hype around the project and eagerness of investors to get on board!

Hero airdrops will be conducted as follows:

  • 5000 Bondly tokens airdropped at TGE
  • 2500 Bondly tokens airdropped after 30 days
  • 2500 Bondly tokens airdropped after 60 days

Villain airdrops will be conducted as follows:

  • 4000 Bondly tokens airdropped at TGE
  • 3000 Bondly tokens airdropped after 30 days
  • After 60 days a lottery will take place and 5 lucky wallets will receive 25000 Bondly tokens, each!

More details about when and where this will happen are coming soon.

In closing, the team at Bondly would just like to extend a huge thank you, all our gratitude and every bit of appreciation we have within us for remaining so cool, calm and collected through this initial phase of taking our products live.

We will continue striving to improve our products, build our community, and do everything in our power to ensure value is created at every step of the way.