Bondly Debuts Second Whitelist Club Partnership Featuring Sci-Fi Action-RPG, Moonray

5 min readApr 20, 2022

April 20th, 2022 — Bondly’s ‘Whitelist Club’ rolls out its next partnership with an incredibly exciting and intergalactic project that is getting a lot of attention, including from Animoca Brands. The project is Sci-Fi, Play-to-Earn, Action-RPG, Moonray!

Built on Unreal Engine 5 and Ethereum, Moonray is a next-generation 3rd person action game that was made for true gamers. Their state-of-the-art gameplay is groundbreaking and breathtaking, offering some of the first glimpses of what crypto and gaming have to offer in the near future.

The team’s passion is “PvP combat and large, expansive MMO worlds” where “you can level up your character, weapons and items and trade them on our Ethereum NFT marketplace” and “win tokens and NFTs in PvP combat or join up with friends to explore a huge open world environments”.

‘Moonray’ Gameplay

Whitelist Club will give holders of xBONDLY an exclusive opportunity to win a Whitelist/Presale spot for Moonray’s upcoming Foundation NFT mint that will be taking place this upcoming April 30th. The Foundation drop is based on the single, animated, white avatar design by Rodrigo Etcheto that birthed Moonray.

Moonray will be creating 5,500 exclusive Foundation NFTs that will be playable and act as a key to their closed PvP Alpha that will soon launch. In addition, these NFTs will have other utilities including:

  • Founder’s skin
  • Access to the Moonray closed-Alpha in early May
  • Exclusive NFT airdrops
  • Whitelist for Genesis and future drops
  • Whitelist for land sales
  • Access to in-game events and tournaments
  • Future Utility TBD

There will be two minting events for the Foundation NFTs (subject to change). Bondly Whitelist Club winners will have access to the Whitelist & Presale Pass Access mint time. We will publish the list of Winner’s whitelisted public keys prior to the mint date.

Token: ETH (ERC-721)

Total Foundation NFTs: 5,500

Mint Price: 0.15ETH

Timing (subject to change):

• April 30th 12:00 AM EST — 12:00 PM EST: Partner Early Access

• April 30th 12:00 PM EST — May 1st 12:00 AM EST: Whitelist & Presale Pass Access (Bondly Whitelist Club Members)

  • May 1st 12:00 AM: Public Mint

UPDATE: The Moonray Foundation drop will be pushed 1 week to May 7th! Mint times will remain the same.

See post for full details:

IMPORTANT: A whitelist spot is not a guaranteed mint and will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Moonray’s team will announce the dates for their Genesis mint and closed alpha shortly after this Foundation NFT mint.

‘Moonray’ Genesis Avatar

How do I qualify to earn the chance to win a Moonray whitelist spot?

Holders can start earning an attractive APR% on their $BONDLY and the ability to enter the Whitelist Club simply by staking your ERC-20 based $BONDLY in our $BONDLY staking pool.

After staking your $BONDLY and receiving xBONDLY, you will need to have held it in a single wallet for a minimum required period of 14 days prior to the snapshot date this Monday, the 25th for our second Whitelist Club offering. This means that those who have already been staking $BONDLY will be rewarded for their loyalty! (For more info on how-to stake and receive xBONDLY, check out this article.)

Like our first Whitelist Club partnership, the amount of xBONDLY held determines the user’s tier:

Platinum: 337,000 xBONDLY

Gold: 193,000 xBONDLY

Silver: 96,000 xBONDLY

Bronze: 48,250 xBONDLY

Each tier has equal nominal chance (%) to win a whitelist spot, however the higher the tier, the less lottery participants this tier has. Hence, the users in Platinum tier will have a higher chance (%) to win a whitelist spot in real terms. In addition, those who have not won in a higher tier are rolled into the drawings of the next tier down. I.e. any Platinum tiered participants who do no win that drawing are rolled into the drawing for the Gold

We will be giving away 188 whitelist spots for tiered tiers:

Platinum Tier (x47)

Gold Tier (x47)

Silver Tier (x47)

Bronze Tier (x47)

‘Moonray’ Sneak-Peek

On top of this there are 47 whitelist spots available for untiered holders of xBONDLY, and those that did not win from the lottery drawing of any of the four tiers (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze).

Included in this Whitelist Club giveaway are holders of Bondly’s full set of PolkaPets including BondProtect, BondSwap and BondDex! The snapshot for wallets holding all three Bondly PolkaPets will be taken on Monday, April 25th, with 1 set equaling 1 lottery entry. In total, 50 whitelist spots will be given away at random to those who participate in the Gleam competition. If a participant has won a whitelist spot from the xBONDLY drawings, then they do not qualify for the Bondly PolkaPet Full Set tier.

And finally, if you are not an xBONDLY holder, or did not win any of the above six lottery drawings, we have a great opportunity for you as well! We will be giving away the final 10 whitelist spots to anyone who entered the Gleam competition, meaning everyone is eligible for the chance to win!

Please Note: Your xBONDLY will not earn you a spot in our lottery to win a whitelist spot unless you provide your wallet address that contains your xBONDLY via ‘Gleam’ so we can accurately assess who is an active/ participating member of this new initiative, as well as determine your tier eligibility. The ‘Gleam’ form will be posted on all of our official social media platforms tomorrow and can also be found here:

Don’t miss out on gaining the best possible chance of winning our next Whitelist Club partner — visit our Bondly Staking Portal NOW and start staking your $BONDLY for an attractive APR% and xBONDLY that can earn you a tier in our next drawing!

DISCLAIMER: We are not accountable for any potential bugs in our partner’s smart contract code or any other tech involved in the minting process.

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