Bondly Announces Launch of Metaprints, to Accelerate Brand Adoption in the Metaverse

December 9th, 2021 — Bondly today announced the upcoming launch of a new type of Metaverse project, Metaprints, which will be coming to the market in Mid-December with a highly-anticipated INO (initial NFT offering) featuring well-known brands.

Metaprints is a project dedicated to opening up the Metaverse ecosystem for brands and projects who have ambition to see their IP in multiple metaverses. Rather than focusing efforts on a single metaverse play, Metaprints offers IP providers the ability to take their intellectual property to several different metaverses through an innovative process that begins with the creation of a basic brand ‘blueprint’, or Metaprint, containing some of the metadata that is referred to when creating branded assets.

The concept is simple, a brand or project (for example a clothing brand) looking for exposure to a network of the biggest and best metaverses will license the use of their IP through their ‘Genesis Metaprint’ NFT. This NFT is officially recognised by the Metaprints’ partner network of metaverse projects to enable assets for that brand to be created (i.e. buildings, clothing, etc.). That brand will receive commission of all future sales through use of their IP. The Metaprint’s Genesis Prints will be sold to buyers, who will also receive ongoing rewards in tokens. The network of creators through Metaprints are incentivised to create assets using the Metaprint within multiple metaverses, and make these assets available for sale, as they themselves will receive a share of revenue in token. The buyers of the assets produced will own the NFTs and can use them as they wish in the metaverse they were made for.

Metaprints will soon be launching their INO, which includes Genesis Metaprints for top brands including Polygon and Mantra Dao, on a number of partner launchpads including, Zendit, as well as on Bondly’s very own launchpad! More details to follow.

Image: An example Metaprint NFT

About Metaprints

Metaprints is the gateway for brands to accelerate their presence in numerous metaverse ecosystems in one simple step. Backed by Animoca Brands, Metaprints has a unique network of the biggest metaverse projects in the space that allows them to facilitate the creation and curation of branded assets across multiple platforms through one partnership.

Metaprint NFTs are branded asset ‘blueprints’ sold to buyers to facilitate the creation of the 3D assets required in the metaverse platforms by some of the best animation specialists. Creators and brands also receive a share of future revenue for assets created, ensuring everyone through the chain benefits from the model.

The Metaprints INO, featuring ‘Genesis’ metaprints for 10 well-known brands, will be taking place in December 2021. Follow the project community channels for more information.

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