Bondly Announces Details for next Launchpad Sale Featuring Altava

Bondly Launchpad Details

The Sale

Allocation per Card and Schedule:

TGE Airdrop — May 25th

Second Airdrop — June 25th

Third Airdrop — July 19th

Fourth Airdrop — August 18th

Fifth Airdrop — September 17th

Tier Breakdown and Times

Platinum Tier: 337,750 $xBONDLY + 4 BCCG NFTs

Gold Tier: 193,000 $xBONDLY +3 BCCG NFTs

Silver Tier: 96,500 $xBONDLY + 2 BCCG NFTs

Bronze Tier: 48,250 $xBONDLY + 1 BCCG NFT

NFT Tier: Lottery of 500 places allocated to holders of a 1st Edition BCCG NFT, or a full set of Bondly PolkaPets (BondSwap + BondDex + BondProtect)

Public Tier: No Requirement

About Altava

About Bondly



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