Bondly and BLAST Premier Team Up to Launch NFTs Featuring Chickens Synonymous with Counter-Strike

3 min readJun 11, 2021

Today, Bondly announced its partnership with esports tournament organizer BLAST Premier to launch a fun, affordable and gamified collection of NFTs featuring original characters of chickens synonymous with Counter-Strike.

BLAST’s first NFT chicken-themed collection goes on sale on Tuesday, June 15. Powered by the Bondly platform, BLAST NFTs start at $18 USD. Through June 14, esports fans can sign up at to receive an exclusive BLAST founder’s edition NFT in a digital wallet.

Counter-Strike fans love chickens

Chickens are a popular and jovial reference point for Counter-Strike — becoming the unofficial animal and adopted pet of the game. Bondly and BLAST have taken this iconic and prevalent part of the Counter-Strike universe and created a digitalised offering that resonates with the esports and NFT community.

NFT Owners Use BondSwap for Upgrades

BLAST has created two teams (Team Red and Team Blue) of three chicken characters each with their own distinct personality. Through Bondly’s gamification process, the chicken NFT owner has the ability to upgrade it by blending multiple NFTs using BondSwap. In addition, users can choose their favourite character, collect an entire team or hold onto their best and rarest chicken NFTs through gamification.

Bondly delivers carbon-positive NFTs to esports community

Bondly utilizes Polygon (MATIC) Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism that allows for the safe, accessible and environmentally friendly creation, integration and purchase of NFTs — making for digital artwork collectibles that are available to everyone. Every chicken NFT created through this process will be carbon positive.

Bondly and BLAST say…

Faye Marlborough, Head of Merchandise for BLAST, said: “When we approached the idea of making available a range of collectable NFTs, we wanted to ensure we were creating something that was fun, accessible and affordable — while ensuring these collectables are more than just a product but an experience. We’re excited to work with Bondly to help navigate us through our first venture into NFTs, their technology and expertise will ensure a simple, environmentally aware and enjoyable introduction into the world of NFTs for our community.”

Jack Flaherty, CEO of Sports at Bondly, said: “BLAST’s chicken-themed NFTs developed by Bondly, extends the fan’s feeling of competition beyond the tournament through buying, collecting, and trading of our gamified NFTs. Combining our design studio and proprietary technologies, we have created the first ever NFT swap-based gamification experience for esports fans.”

BLAST Premier is a global Counter-Strike tournament series that unites all major CS:GO events, offers opportunities to all regions across the globe and crowns the world champions of CS:GO. Up to 32 teams will take part in the seven BLAST Premier events this year with a combined prize pool of $2,475,000 on the line, where the best teams and players will compete.

BLAST is a global esports media network delivering world-class entertainment experiences. In 2020, BLAST saw over 146 million views and 1.5 billion minutes of content consumed across its platforms while expanding its product offering to bring over 500 hours of world-class esports to fans in multiple formats including popular titles CS:GO, VALORANT and DOTA 2. The esports entertainment company has over 1 million subscribers and followers and is enjoyed in over 105 territories. BLAST creates new technology, production, content and platforms in partnership with leading brands, broadcasters and communities across the globe.

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