Binance Smart Chain x Bondly Partnership

The Tip of the Iceberg

Bondly has been a pioneer in the digital assets and collectibles field, with their atomic, interoperable swap architecture and their signature product, BSwap, which allows users to perform cryptographically secured transactions of crypto-assets in an over-the-counter (OTC) manner.

While atomic swaps across blockchains of different native architectures have occurred, to-date they have not scaled similarly with the DeFi movement due to the highly technical and specialized knowledge required for seamless functionality. Furthermore, the current method of retaining atomicity between cryptocurrency pairs requires a very specific interoperability topology, one that is specific to each implementation and one that Bondly has mastered.

NFTs are Here to Stay

Today, the marketplace for digital goods is expanding exponentially. According to a study published by Fiserv in September 2019, some 74% of online purchases are for digital goods as opposed to physical. Statista estimates that the digital commerce segment, defined as all consumer transactions made via the Internet relating to online shopping for products and services, is valued at $2.92 trillion in 2020. This would mean that a staggering $2.16 trillion in estimated online purchases were for digital goods and services in 2020 alone. Furthermore, Statista estimates the digital commerce segment is projected to grow by 40.5% come 2024.

Despite this, the marketplace for buying and selling digital goods and services is highly fragmented and operated exclusively by centralized monopolized intermediaries. Although some of these entities are trustworthy, others may not be. Bondly will provide the infrastructure and peace of mind required to trust the trustless and interact with the new digital economy.

What Value will Bondly Add to BSC?

This allows NFTs to be used as more than just art. By turning every card sold into a Fan Club membership, VIP Service, and Collectors Group at the same time, Bondly sets a new standard for community incentives.

What Does this Partnership Entail?

As a result, this will allow for an entirely new class of decentralized digital assets to be traded and held using BSC.

In return, BSC will help Bondly integrate with their ecosystem partners like TrustWallet, DeGo, and more. BSC will also provide marketing support and strategic advice as Bondly’s vision comes to fruition.

Both BSC and Bondly believe in the future of NFT and their ability to become a big driver for crypto-asset adoption. As demand for NFTs rises, Bondly believes there is a strong need for tools and assets to adopt this new technology, especially across chains. By partnering with BSC, Bondly believes the technological advances needed to reach adoption can happen quickly and smoothly. NFTs with utility are the future and Bondly is here to capture it.

What is it and How Does it Work?

  1. Click the “Ethereum Mainnet” button

2. Add Custom RPC

3. Add Network Name — Binance Smart Chain

4. Add Network RPC URL —

5. Add Chain ID — 56

6. Add Symbol — BNB

7. Add Block Explorer URL —

8. Click save!

9. Load up some BNB, send it to your BSC enabled wallet address and you’re ready to go!

Your Daily Dose

Users will be required to hold at least 1 BNB in their BSC-enabled wallet of choice to be eligible, and each wallet is only eligible for one promo. A limited number of copies will be available, so please act quickly. Day one supporters will also find themselves as lucky participants in a lottery, standing the chance to win 100 Bondly tokens (BEP20).

For each subsequent day, Bondly will release a unique and ultra-rare Christmas edition BCCG NFT (BEP20) which will be available for purchase, each NFT will cost a flat rate of 10 BNB and only 2,000 copies of each card will be produced.

These unique NFTs will be released on a daily basis for a total of 3 days. On top of receiving what you pay for you will also receive a unique piece of rare NFT promo art every day for the duration of the 3 days and a guaranteed airdrop of 100 Bondly Tokens per NFT.

This activation will begin on the 21st of December and run until the 23rd of December. Bondly’s main objective with this rollout is to increase adoption of the NFT narrative, proving use case and value. However, funds raised from the sales will be used for the following reasons:

  1. Funding for Bswap BSC Code Security Audit
  2. Funding for deployment costs
  3. Market buying tokens to move onto BSC for use in airdrops
  4. Market buying tokens to burn

Bondly’s Role in the BSC Ecosystem

These transactions will also introduce the users of these traditional marketplaces to cryptocurrencies, Bondly, and the Binance Smart Chain community. Bondly will become a leader in driving adoption for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by powering a real-world use case. This will allow for buyers and sellers on these digital marketplaces to experience the value of blockchain first-hand.

Bondly’s goal is to have these buyers and sellers become adopters of cryptocurrencies and BSC community members. Bondly understands that the world of crypto can be confusing for people beginning to learn about it. With the BSC communities support, we believe we can help educate and inform new users of this technology and, in turn, welcome them to the world of crypto. Also, we will add a differentiated new method for trading crypto OTC, similar to Binance OTC Trading Portal.

In Conclusion

Will you join us on this journey?

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