Announcing POLKER, Bondly’s Newest Launchpad Partner!

  • The sale will take place on June 22, 2021 at 10 a.m. EDT at for successful Launchpad lottery participants.
  • The Bondly Launchpad tier structure means holders of $BONDLY can gain lottery-allocated tickets (whitelisting) for priority access to the sale for 2 hours. Any remaining cards following this 2 hour period will be available on a first come, first served basis to $BONDLY holders with 10,000 $BONDLY or more in their Ethereum wallets.
  • Prior to a snapshot being taken at 2 p.m. EDT June 18 2021, $BONDLY holders who wish to participate in the lottery must first complete the NFT Launchpad Registration form found here.
  • A separate lottery for Platinum and Gold tier participants will be conducted to determine winners of the Ultra-Rare NFT.
  • There are 235 NFTs for sale featuring Polker branded NFT.
  • The cost is 300 USDT for the Standard Polker NFT, 550 USDT for the Rare Polker NFT and 2000 USDT for the Ultra-Rare Polker NFT.
  • $PKR tokens will be airdropped to holders as scheduled in the below sale details.
  • 10% of total token value will be air-dropped at TGE
  • 30% 30 days after TGE
  • Then 15% every 15 days until total token distribution is reached
  • Total percentage distribution will look like: (10%/30%/15%/15%/15%/15%)

Bondly Launchpad Tier Structure



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