Announcing NetVRk, Bondly’s Next Launchpad Partner

Announcing our newest Launchpad partner, NetVRk! NetVRk is a new social virtual world that allows participants to play, create, and monetize experiences within the virtual ecosystem. Users can buy land, generate NFTs, buy advertising space in situ, and use the $NTVRK token as a means of currency within the metaverse.

NetVRk’s NFT launchpad event will take place on May 21st, 2021 on our Launchpad site, with each NFT being airdropped 6000 $NTVRK tokens over 1 month following the Token Generation Event (TGE).

The partnership extends beyond the Bondly Launchpad event, and will also see Bondly showcase our products, along with our latest NFT drops, via our virtual headquarters in the NetVRk world. The VR integration with NetVRk will furthermore open up a whole new realm of interactivity to our NFT collectibles in future. More to be announced.

NetVRk’s Chief Marketing Officer, Daniel Kennedy stated:

“Bondly is an innovative platform in the NFT, DeFi and crypto space with a stellar team behind it. We’re grateful to be working with such a talented team, and we’re excited to have them onboard. We’re confident that this collaboration between NetVRk and Bondly, will produce great results!”

Brandon Smith, CEO of Bondly said “NetVRk is a truly dynamic project that opens doors for audiences to experience NFTs in ways they’ve never done before along with adding new utility to our existing NFT products. We’re so excited to be offering $BONDLY holders the opportunity to take part in another great Launchpad initiative.”

The NetVRk Launchpad Sale

  • The sale will take place on May 21 at 12 p.m. EDT at, with early access to the sale beginning at 10 a.m. EDT. UPDATE: The sale times have been changed to an earlier time window. The whitelisted presale will now take place from 6 a.m. EDT (10 a.m. UTC) to 8 a.m. EDT (12 p.m. UTC) and the general sale will run from 8 a.m. EDT (12 p.m. UTC) to 11 a.m. EDT (3 p.m. UTC).
  • There are 300 NFTs for sale featuring our new BCCG character, Kate and her weapon, Lomilec (150 of each available)
  • The cost is 0.25 ETH per NFT
  • 6000 $NETVRK tokens will be airdropped to holders per NFT, as follows: 3,000 tokens upon Token Generation Event (TGE), then 1,500 tokens every 15 days thereafter until the 6000 $NETVRK token limit is reached. UPDATE: To confirm, the TGE and first airdrop will still happen after the sale on May 21.
  • The Bondly Launchpad tier structure means holders of $BONDLY can gain lottery-allocated tickets (whitelisting) for early access to the sale for 2 hours. Any remaining cards following the early access sale will be available on a first come, first served basis to $BONDLY holders with 10,000 $BONDLY or more in their wallets.

Bondly Launchpad Tier Structure

Participants must continue to hold the Bondly and BCCG cards in accordance with their snapshot tier level to access the sale. For example, if you were considered a Platinum tier participant at the time of snapshot you must continue to hold the minimum 350k BONDLY and 1 BCCG card to be granted access at the time of sale.

Should there be any remaining NFT’s after the 2-hour period, the sale will be opened to all addresses holding a minimum 10k BONDLY on an FCFS basis.

The Lottery

A snapshot of all $BONDLY and BCCG holders will be taken at 2 PM EDT on 19th May. Ethereum addresses will be assigned their tier for entry to the lottery according to the tier structure outlined above.

A lottery will be conducted for the sale and a specific number of winning tickets (whitelisted addresses) will be allocated to each tier. The lottery process will be conducted at least 12 hours before the start of the sale and the results posted on our Bondly Telegram and Discord channels.

Winning tickets will be eligible to purchase 1 Kate card and 1 Lomilec card.

The number of tickets allocated to each tier will be the following:

Platinum — 30 tickets

Gold — 40 tickets

Silver — 40 tickets

Bronze — 40 tickets

Should there not be enough eligible participants for a certain tier, the remaining tickets will flow down to the next tier. For example, if there are only 20 participants who qualify for the Platinum tier, the remaining 10 tickets will be allocated to Gold tier and so on.

Introducing Kate

Kate is one of the most powerful young warriors of Spadia, the legendary city of Darsia’s swordmasters. She is a loyal soldier willing to do anything to defend her ideals.

It was not easy for Master Farzin to convince her to join the Warriors Guild. Kate dreams of defeating Resmulz, saving Darsia, and returning to her beloved hometown.

  • Only 150 ‘Kate’ cards are available.
  • Fixed price at 0.25 ETH
  • 6,000 $NTVRK tokens airdropped per NFT — 3,000 on TGE and 1,500 every 15 days after TGE until 6,000 is met

Kate’s Sword: Lomilec

In the initiation rites of Spadia, warriors give names to the weapons of their comrades. They choose a word that identifies them as unique individuals.

“Lomilec” is an ancient word from an extinct language in Darsia, meaning “heartbreaker.” It is perfect to describe Kate’s “deadly” skills.

  • Only 150 ‘Lomilec’ weapon cards are available.
  • Fixed price at 0.25 ETH
  • 6,000 $NTVRK tokens airdropped per NFT — 3,000 on TGE and 1,500 every 15 days after TGE until 6,000 is met


1) If someone holds their $BONDLY tokens on another network other than ETH (ie: BSC), will it impact eligibility for whitelisting?

Answer: No, your $BONDLY will be captured regardless of the network being used.

2)Does staked $BONDLY count towards eligibility for whitelisting?

Answer: No, it does not as these staked tokens are technically being staked as LP tokens.

3)Are we going to announce all eligible addresses or just the lottery winners (as mentioned in the article)?

Eligible addresses will be announced in our VIP discord group.

About NetVRk

NetVRk is a social virtual world and platform, with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetize creations. With a focus on gaming, education and virtual workplaces, built around ownership of virtual land and assets.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram Announcement

About Bondly

Bondly is an interoperable, transparent, and portable swap protocol designed to revolutionize traditional escrow methods and make everyone into their own digital marketplace. Our family of trust-enabling DeFi products is designed to be a part of everyday buying and selling activities, giving peace of mind for swap or online purchases. Our product BondProtect is a DeFi enabled eCommerce gateway specializing in integrating into your favorite online marketplaces very simply and easily with no integration fees, just staking tokens.

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