Announcing Bondly Staking, Powered by Ferrum

4 min readDec 6, 2020


Hey Bondly Community,

Wow, this week has been busy! Well — we have more good news for you!

Bondly Staking is Coming— Powered by Ferrum Network!

With the Bondly Token Generation Event around the corner, we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Ferrum to launch an ultra customized version of Ferrum’s staking technology for the BONDLY token.

Let’s dive into this exciting new collaboration!

Staking BONDLY Through Ferrum’s Flexible DeFi Staking Platform

With the emergence of DeFi and the appeal of passive income, staking and farming are more popular than ever. Unfortunately, staking has mostly been reserved for big-cap projects with main net, leaving hundreds of exciting new projects — like Bondly Finance — with no viable option to offer staking for their own token.

This gap in the market is why we partnered with Ferrum to build a unique DeFi Staking Platform for the Bondly Token. This platform gives participants the ability to lock their tokens and earn high yields based on the length of time staked. It’s similar to a decentralized high-yield bank account, with maximum customization for projects and flexibility for participants!

With the Bondly TGE now only two days away, you’ll be excited to know that we will be bringing staking to the masses on a level never seen before via our partnership with Ferrum.

Ferrum is recognized as a leading project in the staking space. Their technology has been implemented across more than 40 projects with Total Value Locked (TVL) in excess of $15 million.

Ferrum has designed a highly customized version of their infrastructure, specifically for Bondly, bridging the gap between traditional token staking and leveraging NFTs.

And with different versions of staking now available, such as Liquidity Staking and VIP staking we have been able to develop a completely unique version of staking for our community.

Bondly Will Launch a Customized Version of Staking Involving NFTs

As we moved closer to our Token Generation Event, we asked ourselves, how can we give more value to the community that has been supporting us, our BCCG Card Game, and more?

The Answer: Get Benefits by Staking Your BCCG Hero and Villain NFTs!

We have seen parabolic interest in our NFTs, and it seemed only fitting to incorporate this aspect of the business into our staking model. Ferrum has gone above and beyond our expectations in assisting us with the platform needed to implement this facet of the project.

We cannot wait to reveal more about how our partnership with Ferrum has allowed this amazing technology and unique application to unfold!

What’s Next

In the coming days, we will reveal the staking structure, APY, time lengths and other key details around the Bondly staking, including how exactly they will be incorporating their NFTs into the staking technology. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Thank You to the Bondly and Ferrum Communities

We would love to extend our humblest thanks and appreciation to the Ferrum Team and community for their hard work, dedication, and faith they have instilled in Bondly.

We would also like to thank all Bondly investors and community members for their faith in us leading up to our Token Generation Event.

We truly appreciate the trust and support you have given to both projects and we are looking forward to continuing to build on the Bondly-Ferrum partnership well into the future.

Thank you all!

-The Bondly Team

About Ferrum Network

Ferrum Network is building a DeFi ecosystem that interoperates across chains and removes barriers to mass adoption. Its cross-chain DAG will enable the transfer of any digital asset in milliseconds for near-zero network fees, unlocking tremendous value for the entire industry. Ferrum’s non-custodial UniFyre Wallet has already revolutionized the way people send crypto with its “Link Drop” technology. Ferrum’s Staking-as-a-Service is now used by nearly 50 projects with $15 million TVL, and our Token Bridge is the fastest, and most secure means of moving assets between Ethereum and Binance Chain. Look for Ferrum to launch more transformative DeFi technology throughout 2020 and beyond.

About Bondly

Bondly is an interoperable, transparent, and portable swap protocol designed to revolutionize traditional escrow methods and make everyone into their own digital marketplace. Our family of trust-enabling DeFi products are designed to be a part of everyday buying and selling activities, giving peace of mind for swap or online purchases. Our product BProtect is a DeFi enabled eCommerce gateway specializing in integrating into your favorite online marketplaces very simply and easily with no integration fees, just staking tokens.

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